First Look: Justin Bieber Lookin’ To Buy A $6 Million Dollar Mansion


Justin Bieber, whose HOT NEW SINGLE Boyfriend is burnin’ up the airwaves today, has got some money to burn and is in need of a new home. So, homie has been lookin’ around for a phat new pad to purchase and has set his heart on a beauteous monster of a mansion in Calabasas, CA … asking price $7 million. BUT, because JB ain’t no punk, he’s gonna try to get the manse for much cheaper … somewhere in the $6 million dollar range (cuz just because he’s got moolah to burn, he ain’t gonna burn it all in one place … like a punk). Click below to see the new home that JB is zeroing in on and see how tween pop stars like to roll.

Justin Bieber has made an offer on a sprawling mansion in Calabasas, CA … but we’re told the 18-year-old is wheeling and dealing with the seller and unless the seller caves … it may fall through. We’re told the estate is in a gated community, which is the attraction for Justin — privacy. The downside — Justin just turned 18 and it’s kinda weird for someone his age to live 22 miles from the Hollywood scene. Our sources say the seller was asking for around 7+ million but Justin’s offer was approximately $1.5 million under that price. And he has by no means decided to buy the house at any price. We’re told on Sunday he looked at another house in the Hollywood Hills.

Awww … see what JB’s doing here? Leaking info about “looking at another place” while he’s negotiating the terms of this Calabasas mansion? He’s a smartie, that Bieber. I bet he’ll get this house for the price he wants to pay. I bet Selena Gomez is already looking at paint swatches so she can start decorating. Ah … to be young and rich.

[Photo credit: X17; Source]

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  • he should maybe be investing his money in some kind of business. i mean his music career will be over soon, and then what’s he going to do?

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    I would be so scared to be that young and live in a house that size!!

  • AmandaMarie

    Flimflamsam, I don’t think he is going anywhere anytime soon. And if so, he can still easily afford this palace.

    My bet is he chose to be away from the scene so he and Gomez can domesticate quietly. I can see them moving in together within a year. What an amazing starter home they have.