Camille Grammer Is NOT Returning To ‘The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills’


Camille Grammer, one of the original stars of the Bravo TV reality series The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, will not be returning for the 3rd season of the show. A source close to Camille insists that she is leaving the show of her own volition because she no longer wants to expose her private life to the world. BUT, in comments made during an impromptu interview, Camille claims that she would love to come back for another season but she and Bravo couldn’t come to a deal. HMMM. No matter the why, Camille and The Real Housewives are dunzo!

Camille Grammer has decided not to come back for a third season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, a source confirms to PEOPLE. “She’s been in discussions and at the end decided she wasn’t willing to expose her personal life anymore,” says the source. “She’s at peace with her decision … She’s in a great place in her life right now,” says the source. “She’s grown a lot in this past year and she’s made some wonderful friendships [on the show]. It has steered her life in a direction she never imagined. She’s ready for new challenges.”

HMMM. This sounds like spin to me. Especially since Camille herself had something a bit different to say about the matter:

“I can’t say too much at this moment, but we couldn’t get it worked out,” the mother of two explained to Us. “I love these girls. I really do,” she said of costars Kim and Kyle Richards, Taylor Armstrong, Lisa Vanderpump and Adrienne Maloof. “I’ve had so much fun with the franchise, but I guess the producers and I couldn’t come to an agreement … I think I would have done it, definitely.” Her buddies Adrienne Maloof and Kyle Richards were also at Saturday’s Blizz event in Vegas — and they’re bummed about her departure. “It’s sad,” Maloof told Us. “Together the six of us were a great combo.” Added Kyle Richards, “It’s going be sad not having her in the show. It’s sad.”

Yeah, we deffo know what’s going on here. My guess is that Bravo wanted to get rid of Camille (possibly because after her split from ex-husband Kelsey Grammer, Camille was no longer interested in causing drama on the show … and no drama means nothing worth watching … hence her ousting) and they prolly low-balled her so that she would be forced to turn down the offer to save face. The source claiming that Camille’s leaving is her decision is prolly just a nice way for Camille to be swept under the rug. Honestly, I grew to really like Camille after she stopped causing drama … but, I guess, that is not what producers want. Ah well … Camille Grammer will be just fine without reality TV.

I can’t wait to find out who will get her place on the show.

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  • Jim

    I agree with the entire last paragraph. Camille was better than the show in a lot of ways. She was a REAL character and truthfully, we are not that interesting as people in our day to day lives. She was someone who went through a real life drama, and we got to see it and she for the most part held her composure. I respect her for that. What a shame that she can’t join back for the third season. I always wonder why they don’t try to have her join and close her out ala Jeana or even Dina. To me, it is much more satisfying.