MTV’s ‘Jersey Shore’ Is Looking For A Way To ‘Phase Out’ Snooki & The Situation


In recent weeks we learned that Jersey Shore star Nicole Snooki Polizzi got herself knocked up and engaged. This week, we learned that Jersey Shore star Mike The Situation Sorrentino admitted himself into a rehab facility to treat his addiction to prescription medication and alcohol. Today we are hearing that the folks who produce Jersey Shore for MTV are looking for a way to excise the pregnant Snooki and the recovering Situation from the show altogether. I guess young mothers and addicts in recovery aren’t good for the show’s hard-partying image. Who knew?

With Snooki pregnant and The Situation getting sober, the people behind “Jersey Shore” are FREAKED the show will lose its sex-crazed alcohol-fueled edge — so they’re looking to phase the two out … in favor of newer, wilder castmates. MTV released a statement earlier this week — following news Sitch was seeking substance abuse treatment — claiming the network expects the entire cast to return for Season 6 … but sources close to 495 Productions tell TMZ, the production company is currently looking for new talent. According to sources, 495 desperately wants to keep things fresh — and folding in new castmates will help transition the show into a new generation … while still keeping old fans hooked. We’re told 495 plans to limit Snooki and The Situation’s roles on the new season — giving new cast members more screen time instead. The show is set to begin filming this summer. 495 had no comment.

I mean … who didn’t see this coming. At least Snooki has her own spin-off show with Jenni Jwoww Farley to fall back on. She’ll likely continue to make money from that … and possibly other ventures (maybe her own show Snooki & Pregnant?). Mr. The Situation, I’m afraid, is prolly less likely to foster a career after he gets the axe from Jersey Shore. Tho, if he’s truly committed to saving his life and remain in recovery, it’s prolly best that he just get out of the partying biz altogether.

As for the other JS stars, well, they’re doing just fine without Snooki and The Situation already. Dina Deena Nicole Cortese, Ronnie Magro and Sammi Sweetheart Giancola made their way to Las Vegas, NV this weekend to help MTV celebrate Spring Break at the Palms Hotel and Casino:

IMHO, the Jersey Shore phenomenon is about a year over … but people, apparently, still like the show so … they’re prolly gonna beat that horse to death until it, well, dies a sad death. What do y’all think? Will Jersey Shore be able to live long without the likes of Snooki and The Situation?

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  • Ben@pr

    I only watched the first season but I think these two more than anyone are The Jersey Shore. They are a real example of what partying hard can really do to you. Addiction and unplanned motherhood. And know they get cut off because of it? Entertainment business can be so cruel at times.

  • nicole

    i dont know why snooki would even want to go back. i know its good money but with the spin off..she doesnt need it. why bring you’re kind into that enviroment. and with it filming in the summer…she’ll be huge by then. it just doesnt seem like a good move. and if i was her baby daddy, i’d be putting my foot down on her going back. – and Mike..why he would want to put himself back in that situation is just stupid, he’s a ticking time bomb.

    honestly i dont know why any of them want to go back. the last season was the perfect wrap up. and with most of them moving on with spinoffs or different ventures…you’d think they would be done with the house.

  • Tracy

    Here is a thought… cancel the entire show what a bunch losers and a crap show.

  • Cat

    Having watched all the seasons now..I am over it. The italian season was really boring and you could tell much much more stuff was just staged. The last season was really boring, because nothing really happened. They went to clubs, went to work they hated, and Mike was crazy. The jersey shore trend is out! They need a whole new cast…or just stop the show all together. However, MTV beats everything to a pulp.

  • Jason

    I am guessing that killing them off like they do on scripted shows wouldn’t be possible, unfortunately.

  • AmandaPalmina

    You’re right, the phenomenon is about a year over. And I love that this actually happened to them, it kind of makes the whole series have a “look kids, this is what you never do” message.

  • Sammimi sembri molto dimagrita, sinceramente un po più rotondetta staresti meglio, come nella 1 stagione del jersey shore,ti preferivo di più.Comunque è bello vederti insieme a Ronnie,spero che troverete la chiave giusta per tornare insieme,con amore. vedere solo Sammi, o solo Ronnie è come vedere una metà,mentre vedervi insieme vi completate a vicenda.Vi auguro buona fortuna per un futuro insieme.

  • manuela

    Sammi e Ronnie sono fatti per stare insieme ,spero di vederli sposi e tanti bambini in futuro.Sammi non lasciare mai il jersey shore finchè c’è .