Jason Segel Reveals Why He Is Still Single


At the start of the month we heard that Jason Segel had been cut from The Muppets sequel. It is disappointing because he was the man largely responsible for injecting them with renewed pop culture relevance, and his work was a labor of love. Talking about love…Jason has revealed why he is still single – he is waiting for the right girl. He also opened up about what he thinks is important in a relationship and how he is looking for his partner to be his best friend. Aww…

Jason was recently interviewed by Parade and revealed that he doesn’t doesn’t want a girlfriend for the sake of having one. He said, “I have no desire to pick a random girl. I want the right girl. There are plenty of opportunities, but I would rather have the right one.” I am a huge Jason Segel fan and I just love hearing him say such a cute thing like this.

“I think relationships are an effort and it’s about timing, an actual decision, and two people deciding they will be the best person for one another. And what happens if you miss the one or they die? Now you are doomed to a life of loneliness? We know that’s not true. I think you want your partner to be your best friend. Even attraction will change. But what everyone’s looking for is a partner in crime.”

isn’t he just the cutest? ‘Two people deciding that they will be the best person for one another’. I am sure that are plenty of women out there who would be happy to try to be his best friend..

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  • Sara

    I wish I was the right girl for him.

  • Sarah

    Naww! What a cutie, I just love him :)

  • I love him!))

  • Lauren

    I can be the right girl for him :D

  • Dayna

    He’s adorable and I really hope he finds “the one” someday

  • Sarah

    Ha!!!!- When he was in Ann Arbor last year filming a movie, he sat at bars every night waiting for college girls to throw themselves on him, and took them back to his hotel…he basically harassed a friend of mine trying to get her to sleep with him. I’m pretty sure THAT’S why he’s still single. Nice cute publicity quote though.

    • sals

      He said he isn’t interested in getting a real girlfriend unless she’s the one…he never said he doesnt like one night flings though…HAHA. =)