First Look: Stephenie Meyer’s ‘The Host’ Releases A First Teaser Trailer


Now that The Twilight Saga film franchise is nearing its end, it’s time to move on to another cinematic offering from author Stephenie Meyer. Meyers, who made a fortune peddling her Twilight books to teens, decided to write an “adult” novel to try and branch out as an author. That novel, The Host, has been turned into a film starring the amazing actress Saoirse Ronan. Click below to get your first look at the first teaser trailer for the film adaptation of Stephenie Meyer’s The Host.

Ugh. I really wish I could get excited by a film starring Saoirse Ronan (because I LOVE her) but this movie looks … terrible. I read every single Twilight book … and I have to say, those books featured some of the worst, most amateurish writing I ever forced myself to read. Because I find Stephenie Meyer a laughable author, I just could not bring myself to read The Host. Having read the plot summary, I’m glad that I made that decision. As you can see from this teaser trailer, the story involves alien invasion. Meyer couldn’t really get the job done with vampires and werewolves, I doubt she can get the job done with aliens. Have any of y’all read The Host? Am I totally missing out? Does this teaser trailer make you want to see this film?


  • Joon

    I read the Twilight books & agree with you on the writing. I didn’t read The Host, and this trailer is so boring that the most interesting thing was Saoirse Ronan’s beautifully arched eyebrows.

  • Sara

    Wow. That trailer looks like any random person could have made it. I read the Twilight books, and I agree about the writing. The movies are just… ugh. My husband and I tried to listen to The Host on CD in the car but he was almost falling asleep at the wheel so we decided we didn’t care. At all. Just like I don’t care about this movie! LOL :)

    • JCZ

      That is one of the worst trailers I’ve ever seen, even though it’s a ‘teaser trailer’. I mean it makes the Twilight trailers, let not say films, look great!

  • Tatl

    I read all of the Twilight books and The Host. I completely agree with your assessment of Meyer’s writing. It has been a few years since I read The Host, but I actually thought it was a lot better than Twilight. I think she tried harder since The Host was supposed to be for an adult audience as opposed to her other novels. I enjoyed The Host, but I like weird things, lol.

    As far as the movie goes I think it will be terrible. I thought that before I saw the trailer. I definitely do not think they should have tried to make a movie out of it.

  • Meghan

    I am not a fan of Meyer’s writing, but The Host is much better than Twilight. Twilight was laughable, The Host’s characters are much better developed and the plot more coherent. It’s worth the read just to compare to Twilight. The main character, Wanda, is much better than Bella. Bella is terrible….The story is actually interesting.

  • Ama

    I have no plans on seeing the movie.

    I dislike Meyer’s writing skill and style, and it’s been awhile, but I remember after starting to read the host and finishing it I thought it was a lot better than the twilight series. A lot better. Not an amazing, awe inspiring book by any means, I haven’t had the desire to read it again, but compared to the twilight saga-it was a good read.

    Unlike Twilight, the characters-at least from what I remember- were actually developed characters and not just beings with bodies, names and faces (like the twilight characters)

  • Whitney

    Regardless about what we think of her writing skills, she did become a Multimillionaire… Just saying :)

  • Marie

    I disagree, I actually really liked the concept of the Host and the book was worth the read. I’m not a Twilight fan either, but I will be checking this movie out. I agree that the trailer isn’t great, but I am excited to see better previews of it.

  • lindsay

    The host is an amazing book! The writing is a lot better then twilight . I definitely recommend it.

  • azuresque

    The Host was much better than Twilight. Like the others have said, better developed characters and stronger storyline. Worth the read, you won’t regret it.

  • Iheartaustin

    The host was really good Trent it was worlds better than TWILIGHT I think u should at least give it a try!! I’m excited I had no idea they had started filming in te movie! But ur link isn’t working :(

  • kieran

    Oh I cannot wait!! The Host was a great read and SO MUCH better than the Twilight series. I don’t know about you guys, but as I was reading The Host, I kept picturing how it would turn out to be such a great movie…keeping my fingers crossed that it turns out well.

  • aubrey

    I read the book awhile ago, but I remember it being VERY difficult to get into. I forced myself to read on, and it then became a very entertaining read. The trailer does look pretty blah, but I’ll most likely see it to compare to the book…

  • AngieB

    I read The Host and agree with previous posters, it is MUCH better than Twilight. Twilight was hard to get through, IMO, but The Host was actually interesting and did have much more developed characters. I do a lot of reading and can say I actually liked it. I’d recommend it.

  • Chris

    Another vote for The Host. SO much better than the Twilight books, and a creative premise.

  • Wendy

    Agree with the many previous comments – Twilight was laughable (I did read them all because I hate to leave any series unfinished) but the Host actually had some merit. I liked the storyline and the characters were much better developed and less one-dimensional.

  • kimmy

    i read ‘the host’ about a year ago, and lost interest in it, honestly about 20 pages in. it was extremely dull, even compared to the twilight series which i’m not a huge fan of. i think she’s trying to push her newer books a bit too hard. personally, i just didn’t care for it very much so i can imagine the movie won’t be all that much better, i’d think.

  • AmandaMarie

    Don’t know how much you like accuracy but you spelled her name wrong. It’s Stephenie not Stephanie.

    • @AmandaMarie — I hate accuracy. It sucks!!!!!!!

  • Heather

    I was hesitant to read The Host and only did because a friend talked me into it. I ended up really enjoying it. Whatever we may all say about the quality of Meyer’s writing, she does tell a good story. And at the end of the day, isn’t that what it’s all about?

  • Darlene

    Don’t worry… this book has potential but the trailer did not do the movie bit justice. Hopefully they will have a more action packed trailer in the future!

  • The Host was much better than Twilight, definitely think it’s worth a read. The trailer really doesn’t do it any justice. I suggest giving it a read!

  • Rose

    The Host was a great book and is actually one of my favorites ever. It’s worlds away from twilight. The story starts slow but grabs you about a hundred pages in. I challenge you to read it Trent. I promise you’ll like it! Give it a try please! Let me know what you think. :D

  • Kim

    The Host is so different from the Twilight books..I actually really enjoyed it. The story was very, very unique. I have no idea how they would turn it into one film though…I think they are going to have to leave a ton out. Give it a shot!

  • Heather

    I couldn’t get into the Host at first. But then listened to it on audiobook and it started making more sense. That teaser trailer didn’t do justice to the book. Hopefully the next trailer will get it right.

  • krys

    The first hundred pages are slow moving but then it takes off and it is SO good…. this teaser trailer really does nothing for the story itself …. doesn’t really display what the story is about…. you should def give the book a chance though…very different from the twilight series…VERY DIFFERENT

  • Kristen

    I also thought The Host was written much better than the Twilight books. I remember being surprised when I read it. I keep waiting for another book to come out to continue the story! With the way it ended, I thought she was going to write another one soon after that one but it’s been a few years now and I haven’t heard anything. I didn’t realize they were making it a movie – I might check it out to see how they brought the book to life.

  • Sarah

    TRENT you must read The Host!!! As others have mentioned this trailor did not do the book justice, and it is so very different from the Twilight books.
    Give it a shot and let us all know your thoughts!

  • Tara

    I second, third, fourth…the comments regarding The Host being MUCH better than the Twilight series. It is hard to believe it is the same author. Of course, it also made me angry that despite some complex themes, what was touted as her first ‘adult’ novel, was far better suited to a young adult audience than any of the Twilight novels (i.e. no wanting to die to become a vampire or bed breaking sex scenes). But I enjoyed the book enough to get over it:) I would also agree that this trailer in no way does the book justice. I’m excited to hear they are making this one into a movie!

  • bliss

    You are missing out Trent! I read the book and also thought the trailer was kind of odd? I guess they are trying to get the angle of the host alien race first? Either way, take a chance and read the book so you can decide for yourself if you really do like it or not. :]

  • La

    It took a long time for my friend to convince me to read The Host because I HATE everything alien-related. I finally gave in and I was so glad that I did because I LOVED it. I have since read it a second time and can’t wait for the movie. That trailer does nothing though. It doesn’t get me excited either.

  • Kel

    i loathe stephenie meyer but, yes, the host was decent. i cringe to even think that, though, because the idea of it being remotely original is laughable. ms meyers stole the concept (and a large portion of the plot, locations, etc) from the animorphs series – which started coming out over fifteen years ago. no wonder it’s readable – she barely wrote any of it.