Arizona Grocery Store Covers Up Jessica Simpson’s Nude Belly On The Cover Of ‘ELLE’


A few weeks ago we got to see an absolutely gorgeous Jessica Simpson on the cover of ELLE magazine in an almost nude pregnant photo shoot, which closely resembled Demi Moore’s cover back in 1991.Over the years we have seen quite a few amazing nude celeb pregnant pic in magazines.
Jessica’s pic has caused a bit of controversy in Arizona as customers in a Safeway store have complained about finding the image offensive. As a result the grocery store in Tucson has resorted to covering up the almost-naked parts of the pic.

The April edition of ELLE featured a photo of Jess on its cover with one hand covering an exposed breast and another wrapped around her nude belly. A spokeswoman for Safeway has come out and said that the manager of the store on East Tanque Verde Road near Catalina Highway received “multiple complaints,” so the image was covered with cardboard to block any parts that might be offensive.

Geez! I was surprised to hear this given that we live in 2012 and in the United States. These sorts of almost-nude pregnant pics in magazines have been done for decades, and this picture does not have Jess fully exposed either, her body is strategically concealed with her hands revealing only her large, and beautiful, belly. There are WAY more offensive images of woman in magazines out there, open any “gentleman’s” magazine and take a peek at those! In my opinion those people that were “offended” by this image really need to rethink what exactly they find offensive about a beautiful pregnant woman showing off her bump. It is hardly pornographic!

What do you think, is the controversy warranted?

  • Gentgiant

    I lived in Tucson for 9years. This doesn’t surprise me one bit. The location of the store unfortunately might have something to do with it. That area is in the outskirts of town where “older” folks live. No complaints about the picture from stores around the University of Arizona?

    • Michelle

      I’m down the street from this store, and I’m pretty sure I don’t live near the outskirts of Tucson lol Maybe if it were in Vail or Marana would it be the outskirts of town. It’s more like the East side of town.

  • Megsterg

    I figured something like that would happen somewhere. Only cause her boobs are so big that you see a lot of the bottom. It’s obviously not a big deal, this is natural and beautiful. But, I bet that if she had smaller boobs that her hand/arm could cover, no body would care. Some people are so weird about stuff like that. Ahh living in America. I don’t want my kids to see boobs but they can play games where they murder people!

  • Goofy

    I don’t agree with their actions, but I see their point.
    Not offensive but trashy.
    I’ve always found pics like that to be so trashy. I don’t want to see your naked belly, thx plz.

    And no, I’m not prude, thanks.

    • Drajik

      yes you are, thanks

    • YepYep

      I’d understand if it were just an article about how Jessica had special pregnancy photos commissioned for her own private use and the public just happened to get a look at it. However, this is actually her doing this primarily for commercial response and to sell the magazine. And that’s what makes it both trashy…and tacky.
      Demi already pushed the envelope back then and it didn’t really need to be pushed again. It’s just pushy marketing and bad taste. Put in on your wall, Jess, not whore yourself out to “make a point” that’s been made ad nauseum. We get it….pregnancy feels wonderfully feminine to you and you want everyone to know it and agree with you.

  • Sanchez

    I’m not “offended” by it nor would I demand it to be covered up by an even more unsightly piece cardboard but I could do without seeing huge, bare pregnant stomachs. Eww.

  • Laura Espino

    It’s probably because she doesn’t look classy doing it. I can’t pinpoint it but when Demi did it…it was freaking Demi Moore! But this is just some reality, pop star with huge boobs, who got “fat”(5’0″ 130-40 something pounds), then got pregnant, then posed naked while pregnant.

    I have nothing against Jessica Simpson, but I think those are the facts and one of the main reasons why people may be offended by her magazine cover.

    I feel like if it was some A list actress it would’ve either been done with better taste or just LOOKED like it had been done with better taste simply by the face attached to the body.

  • Velaine

    Wow, I didn’t realize so many people would so strongly defend the magazine cover. I’m not outraged by it, but I understand covering it up. I don’t understand why women suddenly get a free pass to be nude on a magazine cover once they’re pregnant. Would you defend it if she wasn’t pregnant?

    • Katie

      I totally agree. I can see why a grocery store would want to cover it. Pregnant or not she is naked. I can see parents not wanting their kids staring at it when they are buying their groceries.

  • Heather

    Well you learn something new every day. Today I learned that Arizona is filled with conservative hicks.

    • @Heather — Ugh, Arizona politically is a pretty terrible place, I’m afraid. Nothing against the people there but the State government is homophobic, racist, etc :(

  • Courtney

    oh please this store owner took it way too far censoring this cover and Demi Moore wasn’t the first celeb to pose on a magazine cover nude and pregnant Melissa Gilbert was. this is a throwback to the 1960’s and not a good one. Jessica hasn’t exactly had an easy pregnancy she’s suffering from polyhydramnios which can be deadly for her and the baby so give her a break. being 5’0″ tall or bearly is different than being almost 5’4″ like Jessica is at 5’3 1/2″ and she actually hasn’t gained an excessive amount of weight like most people think she had gained a few lbs before she became pregnant from planning her & Eric’s wedding and has only gained about 40lbs during pregnancy which is perfectly normal and she has said her doctor predicted that the baby would be between 8-10lbs at birth so that’s gonna look giant on a small girl like her where it wouldn’t on a tall one like Daisy Bevan who is about 6ft tall