Watch: Lana Del Rey Performs ‘Video Games’ On ‘American Idol’


Emerging pop star Lana Del Rey appeared on American Idol last night in a pre-taped performance of her single Video Games. As you may recall, the last time Lana performed on national television, er … well … it didn’t really turn out so well. This time around, Lana nailed her performance and showed (at last) that she is a musician worth paying attention to. Click below to watch video of Lana Del Rey’s performance of Video Games on American Idol last night.

Some people may argue that Lana’s performance last night on Idol turned out better than her disasterous performance on Saturday Night Live back in January because it was not a “live” performance. For all intents and purposes, it really was a live performance. Lana filmed this performance live in front of an audience last week … it was only aired last night. It looks to me like Lana is warming up to performing and is finally getting the hang of it. Lana Del Rey has announced that she will perform 3 shows here in LA in June and I am definitely planning to see her in concert. I very much like this live performance of Video Games, do you?


  • anna

    Sounds much better than her performance at the Echos (German music awards) last night:

    And talking about the Echos, they also did a tribute to Amy Winehouse, which consisted of five singers (including her goddaughter Dionne Bromfield) performing “Valerie”. I quite liked it:

    • anna

      The audience seems to be dead though. ;)

  • Krissy

    Just because there is a live audience doesn’t mean that it can’t be autotuned and performed multiple times before it is done decently. I find it REALLY odd that it was pre-taped.

    • @Krissy — Sometimes these things are pretaped due to time constraints. Lana was in Germany last night, so she couldn’t be on AI live. I’ve been to a pre-taped performance before (Kylie Minogue on Dancing with the Stars) … it really is a live performance. They don’t do it more than once (usually, but that is not always the case). Yes, autotune can be added in post production but let’s be real, Lana has proven she is an amazing singer. It’s her live performance that most people have some problems with.

    • Krissy

      I just don’t see how she has proven she is an amazing singer if she is having problems with her live performances. It seems as if a mediocre performance is considered a triumph for her, just because it is so rare.

      There are so many, many, many amazing performers out there (and a lot of them are pretty hot too!). If they have to work this hard, for this long, to get someone used to performing live, that really says something IMO. I have seen better singers on cruise ships.

  • Kalli

    Lana is far from being the first person to tape a performance for Idol. Anyway, I was happy to see how well she did, I thought she sounded great.


    JLO pre-taped her American Idol performance, as well as GaGa when she performed Alejandro. It has been done PLENTY of times. Sometimes artists pre-tape their performances because their schedules are crazy busy, etc. I liked her and I thought she did good, but I personally loved her David Letterman performance more. All in all, it was good. However, I’m getting tired of her performing Video Games… I wish she would perform Blue Jeans instead.

  • Paul

    On Idol, the use of strings and the excellent pianist really helped the music sound better than it did on Saturday Night Live, but the vocal performance seemed to be about the same to me. Her diction is muffled, her voice had the same vocal dynamic no matter what words she was singing, she rarely connected with the audience, and her tone quality had her barely on pitch. She’s a pretty girl and she wore a pretty dress, but I would put her vocally along the same lines as Rebecca Black.

    • @Paul — “I would put her vocally along the same lines as Rebecca Black.” Yikes!

    • Lynne

      Yes, thank you! I thought the band was GREAT, but Lana Del Rey herself wasn’t. I don’t get the hype.

      P.S. I’ve never heard Rebecca Black sing and don’t plan to. :|

  • Lula

    I keep waiting for someone to admit that it is all a hoax – like The Emperor’s New Clothes- because I just don’t get it. I find her unwatchable and unlistenable (I think I just made up a word!). To each his own, I guess…

    • crystalblueskies

      my mom says she sounded like she’s chanting. i’m still figuring out why people liked her music. maybe coz of her packaging?

  • Veronica

    I have to say that I felt like most of you when I first saw Lana’s performance on SNL. But, after listening to her album my opinion is so much more positive! I love that she doesn’t belt the crap out of anything list most singers do nowadays. Her voice and songs are so understated, and I love that she plays with both her lower and higher registers. I love her and highly recommend listening to her album!

  • Megsterg

    It was the first time I heard her sing and I thought her tone was soo pretty. And just the unique, soft way she sings was so cool. However, I couldn’t understand most of the words she was saying.

  • Ash Ash

    I personally am really intrigued by Lana. I know she’s not a performer because lets face it these are dance club hits she’s singing here, there’s no reason for her to pop out the 5-6-7-8 and have back up dancers. But her voice is mysterious, pretty, sometimes has a wavy elegance to it. I really enjoy her style and her voice. I’m a fan of the album too, Off to the Races and Lolita are some of my favorite tunes because I haven’t heard anyone out there that sounds the same as her. Although Gwen Stefani back in the day had the same unique shake in her voice that I liked.

  • Sez

    I can’t help it, but every time i hear this song, i’m sad that i’m not listening to the person who spoofed this song with, “the Hunger Games” lol