Tori Spelling Has Announced That She Is Pregnant With Baby Number 4


Just five months after giving birth to her third baby, Hattie, Tori Spelling has announced that she is expecting baby number 4 with hubby Dean McDermott. Tori gave birth to her and Dean’s youngest daughter last October. They also have Liam who is 5 and Stella who is 3 years old.Tori went to her website this morning to announce the exciting news…

“Dean, Liam, Stella, Hattie, and I are beyond thrilled to announce that another little McDermott is on the way,” she writes on her website in a blog post titled “Baby Makes 6!” “We feel truly blessed that another angel has found us. Love, Tori xoxo.”

She also posted this photo of her belly with her children’s little hands on it…

From the look of the photo it seems like she already has a bit of a bump happening there so I’m guessing that she is already quite a few weeks in. Also I assume that she is past her first trimester given that she has made the news public. Based on my calculations therefore…if she had Hattie 5 months ago and is already 3 months into her new pregnancy, she may have conceived this new little one just 2 months after giving birth! That is pretty fast! I know that there is always a risk of falling pregnant soon after giving birth but as far as I understood the likelihood of this happening is slim.

This photo was taken last year back when Tori was pregnant with baby number 3. It seems like T is ALWAYS pregnant (she has been preggers A LOT the last few years), but she does look super cute as a pregnant momma and this is wonderful, happy news for the McDermott family. They are such family people and are so excited about having a big family! It truly is a blessing and they feel like they have been blessed. Yah! Congrats McSpellings!!

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  • Ama

    Dang. Well, if it’s what they want and they can handle it-good luck to them.

  • Joanna

    Can they not keep it in their pants? It seems like every 5 minutes she is pregnant. He must have very accurate aim and its a home run each and every time. This is insane. They don’t need any more kids. Particularly since they have 3 kids under 10 now.

    • Debho

      It’s not a matter of needing any more kids! Thet can definitely afford to bring another child into their family and it seems to me Tor has found her niche in life..she appears to be a great mum. I have four children and I wouldn’t have had any more or any less. I say, good for them@

    • AmandaPalmina

      Just because she keeps having babies doesn’t mean she’s a great mom…

  • PixiesBassline

    It looks like she’s found a place in life that she really enjoys. I’m glad for her. :)

  • kat :)

    dang, she is popping them out!

  • Jenilee

    @Joanna – why dont they need more kids? They have the money and are both very involved parents.

  • Lauren

    A word to the wise people! It’s VERY easy to conceive in the months after child birth. That is where the saying “Irish Twins” originates, no pun intended to the heritage, but babies CAN be born in the same year with two different pregnancies. It’s brief window of great fertility, I don’t know why, but I’ve heard this a lot. Good for them, they have the resources. Now, let’s just hope they stay married through all that!

    • Alys

      Alternately they’re called Latin twins – as it can happen to Catholics.

  • Janaegal

    I personally don’t think it’s wise to have kids so close together because the first few years are so important to development, babies and toddlers need all the attention they can get.

    But that’s just my opinion and as long as these kids are provided for in a loving home(which it appears) more power to them.

  • Tracy


  • Amarie

    Holy cow! So soon!? She stays prego to avoid the ‘anorexia’ allegations lol. Haven’t seen a ‘Too Thin Tori’ headline in some time bc she’s always got a bun in the oven! Congrats to them both. They are good parents.

  • Lisa

    Wow, two little ones only about 14 months apart…that’s a lot of work! Good for them if they feel they can handle it. I always feel bad for the baby who is only 1 year old or so- it seems like that one sort of grows up a little faster and doesn’t get the baby time they might need. But, it sounds like they have lots of love to go around. CONGRATS!

  • Alicia

    My manager has sons that are 15 months apart in age. It’s not uncommon. I think it nice she has a family that will all be close in age. C:

  • AmandaMarie

    Joanna, surely you’re joking. There is so much love and financial wellness in that lot. Why shouldn’t they be allowed such happiness and joy??? I say bring on more McDermotts! Also, since this will be baby number 4, do you think the Beckhams have too many too???

  • Nat

    My 2 younger sisters birthday is less than 1 year appart.I was screwed the moment #3 was born as I was outnumbered and they became twins of circumstance from that point on all the way through HS.Co-incidentaly #3 was born at home,on my birthday,but the paramedics,who arrived after midnight,recorded it as the next day-THANK YOU!
    Not to say this was not an accident,but I could see Tori wanting to get all her pregnancies out of the way and then have one fix-it-all-up plastic surgery.

  • Courtney

    please having two close in age is pretty normal academy award nominee Jeanne Crain had 4 kids in 4 years 11 months out of her 7 correct her eldest son Paul Brinkman Jr was born April 6th 1947 while her first daughter Jeanine was born March 5th 1952. a woman is more fertitle for the first 6 months after birth just because your close in age doesn’t your going to be close all your life Natalie Cole is almost 12 years older than her younger sisters Casey & Timolin but they are very close or Susan Newman & her youngest half sister Claire are 12 years & 2 months apart but very close especially in the years following their dad Paul’s Death.

  • Claire

    My sister and I are 18 months apart and 14 months later my brother was born. We were born in ’83, ’84 and ’85. One for each year my Dad was in law school. I don’t know how they did it!

  • cinner

    My nephews are the same age for 3 weeks each year, theyre irish twins and not uncommon. These two obviously like makin babies!

  • Elyse

    I think this is great news for them!! They have always wanted a big family and you can see how much Tori and Dean love their kids. Liam and Stella are only 15 months apart so it’s not much different for them this time around.

  • liz

    my 2 boys are the same age for 5 weeks of the year. they are 10 months and 27 days apart. the oldest was 3 months old when i found out i was pregnant again. they are 13 months old and just turned 2 last week. poor tori i feel for ya