Rihanna Reveals ‘Gangsta Goth Geisha’ Look On The Set Of ‘Princess Of China’ Music Video


Today we get to see first pics of Rihanna from the set of her new music video for Princess of China. The single is Rihanna’s collaboration with Coldplay and is featured on their Mylo Xyloto album. She has tweeted a string of photos showing her new look as what she describes as, “gangsta goth geisha”. Ri-Ri is no stranger to a makeover, we have seen her style completely transform over the years. Most recently she became a platinum blonde. Today she has shiny black hair and has undergone something of an Eastern-inspired makeover. Check out the pics she put up herself.

She has described the look as “gangsta goth geisha” and I think she has got that unique look spot on in a strapless black column dress with a wide obi-belt and a thigh-high split, complete with scary long nails. We also have a close-up look at her striking geisha girl sculptural hair and makeup. In oriental-themed headgear she is also flipping that middle finger (perhaps a homage to Adele or M.I.A who made this non-news famous a few weeks ago.)

I’m excited to see this video now because I can’t quite imagine how Chris Martin is going to fit into this gangsta geisha look. Hmm….


  • nicole

    the last pictures the best..you know why? cause shes not flipping off the camera and theres no smoke coming out of her mouth. i really wish she get over those two things

  • Ana

    I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS VIDEO! This song has become one of my favorites in a very long time!

  • Amarie

    I love Rihanna but I’m SOOO over the “I’m better and badder than everyone else ” attitude. The bad girl act is not cute. Like she really got “thug life” tattooed on her knuckles… seriously? Drop it Ri or you’re gonna start losing fans!

  • Andrew

    I find myself less and less interested in this girl. I don’t really care for a good girl image but this image reeks of “I try to hard to be bada**” untrueness.


    I’m so over her after the whole Chris Brown collaboration. Not only is she unintelligent, but her attention whore status is alarmingly pathetic.


    • CHASE

      : (

  • Sara

    is she turning into Tyra Banks?

  • Amanda

    A geisha is Japanese.

    Anyhoo, I agree with what most have said. She just tries too hard to be bad, and it is not cute. Bad girls don’t go around flipping off everyone and swearing all the time. Bad girls just have their natural swag on, no matter what they do. Rihanna is just playing a bad girl, and she’s doing a terrible, trying-too-hard job at it too.

  • JCZ

    I do love some Ri Ri all the time…

    But I’m so glad no one paid much attention to the collab with Chris Brown. I mean blogs and news stories of the day focused on it, but then like ordinary news just blew over the next day. And then success and sales wise, it did nothing. I hope that was a sign fans and people alike ignored it cause she made the wrong decision though.

    In her defence – let her act the way she wants. It’s the music you’re after. You don’t pay her necessarily to act behind closed doors.