Madonna Looks Hot, Hot, Hot In Newly Released ‘M.D.N.A.’ Promo Photos


In the past week, leading up to Tuesday’s long-awaited release of Madonna’s new album M.D.N.A., we have seen pretty sexy promo photos of Maddy (HERE and HERE) that showcase the pop Icon’s strength, beauty and sex appeal. Shot by French photographers Mert + Marcus, Madonna looks ravishing in all of her new promo photos. Today, we get to see 3 more such ravishing photos. Click below to see newly surfaced M.D.N.A. promo photos and feast your eyes on more Madonna.

These are just great photos. I love the hot pink one that looks to be from the Girl Gone Wild single cover artwork shoot. The middle photo looks to be an outtake from the M.D.N.A. cover photo shoot and the bottom photo is just another hot promo. I suspect one or all of these photos will be included in the cd booklet for M.D.N.A. … which we all will be able to get our hands on in just a few short days. I’ve heard the album in full and it’s fantastic. I can’t wait for everyone else to hear it so they can fall in love, too.

[Photo credit: Mert + Marcus, Source]

  • Bounds

    Thank goodness for Photoshop.

  • Dana

    Every time I see Photos Of Madonna its reminds me of the Perfume Ads Elizabeth Taylor had back in the day…Remember the skit on SNL.

  • THESE ARE RIDICULOUS. not in a good way.
    cmon madge. embrace your real skin! maybe she is purposely going for this look…tryn not to hate.

  • Billy

    Poor old woman, she should be allowed to retire. Surely she has enough money now to ret6ire with dignity?

  • Bryan

    I wish I could look that flawless. <3333

  • Bryan

    Oh and she kinda looks like Kylie in that first pic no???

    • JCZ

      Was gonna post the same thing! :P

  • Johnny

    lol u cannot be serious. The first pic is photoshop to death and the last one … she has a breast feeding bra and a bad 80’s wig on!

  • Jane

    i think she looks great – you can photoshop her face all you want but you know she is one of the healthiest fittest women of any age in show business! I never understand why everyone trashes Madonna but they never trash anyone else? Get behind a cause like domestic abuse and stop supporting people that beat their wives and girlfriends – she’s always been a good person and a good mother.

    If you don’t like her don’t read articles about her.

  • PixiesBassline

    She’s not photoshopped to any more of an extent than people half her age. You guys are just bitter.