Kate Middleton Takes Pet Pooch Lupo For A Walk


Back in January we learned that <strong>Prince William and Kate Middleton adopted a new member into their small family … a pet cocker spaniel. Today we get to see new photos of “mummy” Kate taking the royal pooch out for a stroll. We learn that the puppy’s name is Lupo and that he has grown a little bit in the past couple of months. Check out the cute photos of Kate and Lupo on their outing together below.

As a blue-blooded royal pup, his behaviour must be nothing less than exemplary. So the Duchess of Cambridge is taking no chances with her beloved five-month-old cocker spaniel, Lupo, and has started intensive ‘whistle training’. Royal sources say she has been seen in the gardens of Kensington Palace, where she and Prince William have their London base, Nottingham Cottage, practising with the lively young dog. Unfortunately for the Duchess, 30, her playful protégé couldn’t resist chasing after a crisp packet that floated by him during a walk in nearby Kensington Gardens on Wednesday – suggesting that Lupo still has some way to go. Looking super-slim in a pair of skin-tight jeans, trainers and a military-style jacket, Kate took a stroll in the public park just hours after being reunited with her husband, Prince William, after his six week deployment to the Falkland Islands. Presumably because Search and Rescue pilot William wasn’t with her, the prince was taking a rest after the long flight back from the South Atlantic. The pair are expected to take a short holiday before the future king returns to work.

Awww … so cute. I love that Wills and Kate have added this little pup to their family. I presume they will likely start having children soon … but in the meantime, we get to see photos of the young royals playing with their pooch. Lupo looks like a lot of fun … he also looks like a lot of work :) Still, I’m sure that Wills, Kate and their staff are more than up for the challenge to raising Lupo right. Ain’t he the cutest?


  • AmandaMarie

    I love how the article made it seem like the end of the world that he chased the thing in the air. For goodness sakes he’s a puppy! Lolz.

  • Ria

    Only Kate Middleton can pull off skinny jeans and sneakers. :(

  • I’m so bummed b/c Kate & Wills’ vacation will coincide exactly with my family’s upcoming trip to London… My 5-yo daughter would happily camp out at Kensington Palace in hopes of a glimpse of Kate & Lupo. And I’d probably enjoy that “mission” myself. ;)

  • Kelly

    Gosh, she’s looking thin nowadays. Hope she’s okay.

  • Beth

    A cocker w a tail! Cute though! :)

  • Jen

    @Beth, I think that the UK has banned tail docking…… I may be wrong, but I know that it is at least looked down upon there and they are trying to ban it here in Canada.

  • Sarah

    @Beth & @Jen yes the UK has a docking & cropping ban. No cropped ears and no docked tails regardless of the breed.

  • Ashley

    Awwww he kinda looks my dog Brody ( part black lab and Britney spaniel) and sadly the owner of his mom dock his tail =( .