Beyoncé Has Asked Designer Christian Louboutin To Make Baby Shoes For Blue Ivy


Of course it is nothing but the very best for baby Blue Ivy Carter. She is the daughter of one of the biggest fashion and music divas, Beyoncé Knowles, so it shouldn’t come as a total surprise that Bey wants to give her daughter the greatest fashion accessory – a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes. Apparently Beyoncé has asked the shoe designer to make a pair of his famous red soled shoes for little Blue Ivy. OMG!! This is just the cutest and also, most decadent, story I’ve read all day. Can you imagine how adorable it would be though to see little Blue’s feet hanging out the Baby Bjorn with tiny munchkin-sized Louboutins. Love it!!

In this pic of Blue Ivy she is wearing cute little gold ballet flats from Marc Jacobs. Marc has a “Baby Marc” store in NYC where the clothes and accessories cost nearly as much as the adult versions, and where most normal people cannot afford to do their baby shopping. It makes perfect sense that Bey has been shopping there for her cherished daughter, Blue.

Blue Ivy has been hidden away from the cameras even though Beyoncé and Jay-Z have been seen out and about in NYC the past few weeks. We’ve seen lots of pics of B-Jay and Bey strolling about Manhattan and Brooklyn but always with little Blue shrouded in cloth. Maybe we will see Blue Ivy’s legs and feet with itsy-bitsy Louboutins before we see her pretty face – but she is still the most stylish baby around.


  • Hannah

    I get the whole if you have the money why not, but baby clothes? She’ll be out of the shoes in less than a month.

  • Cee

    Another case of, more money than sense. But hey, if you’ve got it, flaunt it.

  • Alys

    And people wonder why there’s such outrage against the 1%? Seriously, the baby can wear them for all of three days.

  • Logan

    Give me a break.

    People have too much time and too much money.

    I can’t wait until someone flour bombs her. (Beyonce, not the baby)

  • gayana

    Harper Seven is still more stylish to me, just like Victoria and David are far ahead Beyonce and Jay-Z

  • Cupidore

    Louboutin off course!!! PAYLESS is not the way to go but pay more is just ideal for this special baby. Most parents always want the best for their children and Beyonce’s wealth can get her daughter anything on the fashion side…Divababy Blue!!!!