Are Lana Del Rey And Marilyn Manson Coupling Up?


Earlier today we got to watch video of Lana Del Rey’s pre-taped performance of Video Games which aired on on American Idol last night. The reason Lana couldn’t be in studio to perform live last night was because she was in Berlin, Germany for the Echo Music Awards. It was at the Echo Music Awards last night that Lana was photographed in the close company of rocker Marilyn Manson. BUT, according to reports, the pair have been spending a bit if time together in Berlin in the days leading up to last night’s awards event. Could it be? Could Lana and MM really be coupling up?

Indie songstress Lana Del Rey may be dating shock rocker Marilyn Manson, reports say. The German newspaper B.Z. alleges that Del Rey and Manson have been spotted together several times in Berlin this week, as both were in town for the Echo Music Awards last night. Sources tell the magazine that on Wednesday, Del Rey and Manson had a lingering dinner together, only leaving the restaurant at midnight. Meanwhile, the newspaper reports that while Del Rey was staying at the Concorde Hotel, she was spotted hopping in an elevator with Manson as his hotel, the Grand Hyatt … The two were also photographed together in plain view backstage at the awards show. However, while Manson did have his left arm around Del Rey, he also draped his left arm around Barry Manilow. If Del Rey and Manson are together, Manson — whose real name is Brian Warner — has added a new name to his long list of stunning, younger starlets. Manson has also dated actress Rose McGowan, burlesque dancer Dita von Teese, and “America’s Next Top Model” winner CariDee English. He was also engaged to actress Evan Rachel Wood.

On the one hand, it’s very easy to make up a hook-up rumor whenever two celebrities are photographed together (in fact, I suppose one would suggest that MM and Barry Manilow are hooking-up, too) but strangely enough … I could see how this “coupling” could turn out to be the real thing. MM deffo has a type … he loves the pretty young ladies. Lana is young and somewhat inexperienced … who knows, maybe she has a type, too? While I’m not ready to fully engage in this new couple spawning, I do admit that these rumors work well to both MM and Lana’s advantage. She has a new album out, he has a new album coming out … and we’re talking about them. I’m gonna say, no hook-up … just very smart PR manipulation.


  • Meghan


    • helen

      my sentiments exactly.

    • Dimples

      I second this.

  • Laura

    I thought she had more class than that – ew is right

  • Fabio

    ew ew.

  • Ria

    Another ew. Marilyn Manson looks like Nicholas Cage in the above photos.

  • crystalblueskies

    I only found her a bit attractive but I never really liked her singing style. my mom said she sounds like she’s praying or chanting.

    I dont know how MM bags these women though.

  • Bounds

    Nicholas Cage with the world’s weakest chin, rapidly receding hairline and a tired 90’s freak rock NIN pale shadow stompy doom shock out of sync crap. He’s a blood red douche bag and she should know well enough to avoid this sycophant. He preys on the latest twink girl engenue on the scene. She will tire of his taste for the cliche and self absorbed drug addled tirades.

  • Joanna

    Every single thing Lana del Ray does is a PR stunt. She is incapable of doing anything without being told to do so. Her rich daddy hired people to make her famous. She probably can’t even scratch her own ass without being told to do so by her “team.”

  • Viola

    @Laura You say that you thought she had “more class” but isn’t having no class sort of her gimmick? She’s, like, a sad lounge singer in a David Lynch movie or something? I think MM fits in pretty well with that.

  • Sez

    i thought she was effing Shannon Leto (pap photos of them in car together and holding hands), or was that just last week? guess she’s just another chick looking to stir up some press in lieu of the bad reviews she gets for her music.

  • amanda