Vanessa Lachey Tweets That She Is Taking A Gender Test And Hopes Her Baby Is A Boy


We heard a few weeks ago that Nick and Vanessa Lachey were expecting their first baby. Nick confirmed the happy news on Live! With Kelly that Vanessa was already about 12 weeks along and due late summer or early fall. This week Vanessa has been been excitedly tweeting about her unborn baby. She revealed to followers that she is going to try the gender test and then tweeted that she is secretly hoping their first baby will be a boy so he can take care of his siblings. Cute!

It is pretty adorable how excited Vanessa is. Before announcing her pregnancy, Mrs Lachey had said how much she wanted to have babies, and now we can see that she is totally embracing it all, excitedly tweeting updates and news. A few days ago she tweeted, “Ok, I’m gonna try the gender test in the morning, that’s when it works best. Good Night! Thanks for the feedback! X” and posted a pic of the prediction test..

..then she revealed that “#ToBeClear @NickSLachey & I are praying for a healthy baby First & Foremost! I just always envisioned a boy 1st to take care of his siblings” but “a baby girl would be just as much of a blessing… and she’d have @NickSLachey wrapped around her finger! Haha!”

Nick told us a few weeks ago that they have already picked out a girl’s name if the gender test happens to be pink. They like the name Sophia! I don’t think this prediction test is very reliable, but regardless, I am very happy for these two. It is so lovely to see them so excited about the baby, which is such a blessing! I wonder if they will find out soon if they are having a girl or a boy?!

I can’t help thinking about whether Nick has thought about his ex this whole time, Jessica Simpson, who is in the final weeks of her pregnancy and could birth her baby girl any week now. They could both be having little girls. Oy!


  • Carl

    it would be funny if they had a boy and in 20 years, he gets married to Jessica’s daughter.

    • Alicia

      I just thought the exact same thing!

  • Sfmom

    Those tests are more often wrong than right…but some of the basic genetic testing offered in early pregnancy can tell them very accurately what they’re having…(I think it’s the cvs test).

  • Sofia

    I really like the name they have picked out if its a girl ;]

  • Michelle

    It seems like Nick doesn’t have that sparkle in his eye….. the way he did when he was with Jessica. I guess that’s beside the point. Here’s to a happy healthy baby boy!

  • Courtney

    fortunately most parents opt not to get Chronic Viscus Sampling {CVS} to determine the sex of their baby early because it increases the risk of miscarriage. Vanessa is gonna regret this when it turns out they had a girl you can’t always get what you want.

  • Freakinfatone

    @coutney I think Vanessa will get exactly what she wants: a baby. She got a fantasy in her head, but at the end of the day, i’m sure she’ll be more than happy either way.

  • Jay P

    so he can take care of his siblings? …nice, sexism.

    • Amanda

      It isn’t sexism. It isn’t about gender equality. I feel that everything has to be politically correct these days. Yes, a girl can be equally capable of taking care of herself AND her siblings, but the fact remains that boys just have the physical advantage to “take care” of their siblings. When the time comes and the girls grow up, they will have the emotional and perhaps even physical strength to then equally “take care” of their siblings. Nothing sexist in wanting this structure at all.

  • eca

    i think vanessa is just excited to be pregnant. lots of women i know did the “pull a strand of hair and get your husbands wedding band and hold it over the belly” to see which way it spins. this drug store test is just probably fun for her. besides, she can always wait until the ultrasound and find out that way.

    i wish people wouldn’t read too much into her desire to have a son first. at the end, all anyone wants is a happy healthy baby and she even stated as much.

    i have a boy and now i want a girl, but that doesn’t mean i’m sexist or would be really upset if i had another boy.

  • ganesh

    @courtney…ummm – not even close! chorionic villous sampling..but nice try.

    I love when people try to talk about medical stuff like they have a clue! that one was precious though! thanks! (and yes i’m being a smug asshole for calling you out on it but i can’t help it…i’m reading a Tucker Max book and I’m inspired…plus i thought i’d save you and everyone else the effort of pointing out my smug-assholeness to me!)