Negotiations Between Britney Spears & ‘The X Factor’ Continue


It’s been a couple of weeks since we heard anything about Britney Spears POSSIBLY becoming a judge on The X Factor but today we get to check out a new report that claims negotiations between the two parties are still underway. This new report insists that Britney has a few demands that she will need in place before she can commit to joining the show. Click below to find out what our dear Britney reportedly needs to say yes to judging The X Factor.

Britney Spears is playing the mommy card and insisting on a no-travel clause in her contract to be a judge on “The X Factor,” Flash has learned. Sources say the mother of two is very close to terms on money with producers who need to replace Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger for the talent show’s second season. After demanding $20 million, and rejecting an offer of $10 million, Spears is expected to sign for between $12 million and $15 million. But there are still some sticking points. Spears wants a limit to how much traveling she’ll have to do, similar to the deal Howard Stern worked out with “America’s Got Talent,” which moved its live shows from Los Angeles to New York to accommodate the shock jock. Since both Britney and “The X Factor” are based in L.A., no relocations are necessary, but the show tapes auditions in several cities around the country. The mother of Sean, 6 and James, 5, is also said to be demanding an “out clause” allowing her to quit after one season, while executive producer Simon Cowell wants a two-year commitment.

As with any rumor like this, you have to consider the source. That being said, everything in this report seems extremely likely. I can see how Britney might not want to be forced to travel if she doesn’t want to. I can also see how Britney might want an out of the contract if she’s not feeling the gig. Personally, I may not 100% believe these demands … but I do believe that she and The X Factor are still trying to hammer out a deal. I’m keeping a good thought. Britney would be amazing on The X Factor. Having her on the show will guarantee that I will tune in week after week.


  • Louigi

    From your lips to Simon’s ears, Trent. I agree wholeheartedly!

  • Jess

    I’m neither hear nor there on Britney but I definitely feel Simon needs her on the show. Now that ‘The Voice’ is completely smashing all other singing competitions, X factor needs someone like Britney to keep it afloat.


    UM… If these reports are true, then I’m annoyed. I mean, if Britney isn’t serious about this, then what’s the point? I realize they’re going to be using her for her star power and ratings and, naturally, in return, she’ll be using them too. However, they’re PAYING her to travel and if she doesn’t want to do that then she is SO lazy. Not hard, Britney. Yes, she has kids, but so does JLO and other stars and yet they do the same thing. Come. On.

    • @CHASE — “if Britney isn’t serious about this, then what’s the point?” why do you assume she’s not serious, she’s in a position to negotiate the terms of the deal that she wants … what what you or I or anyone else think she should do to prove that she’s not being “lazy”. Again, I have to say you’re being a bit shortsided to make grand assumptions based A.) on stuff that is reported from B.) unsubstantiated sources.

    • CHASE

      I said if these reports are true, then I’m annoyed with them if they’re catering towards the truth. I’m not believing the reports 100%, I said if they were true then my comment still stands. I get that she can negotiate the terms, but not wanting to travel for the job that requires traveling in the beginning is ridiculous since it is a part of the job description. Her not wanting to do that is, in fact, odd, and could arguably be associated with laziness. That’s all.

    • @CHASE — “not wanting to travel for the job that requires traveling in the beginning is ridiculous since it is a part of the job description” I would argue that traveling is not part of the job description. The job description is to judge the competition … in LA. But, my guess is that if Britney does take the job, she will travel for auditions in big cities.

  • JillyD

    I totally had a dream last night that the guy who did the Kony video was in negotiations to be the host of X Factor but couldn’t cuz he will be in the hospital for mental/emotional issues. Random!