First Look: Hugh Jackman As Valjean On The Set Of ‘Les Misérables’


Today we get to see the FIRST pics of Hugh Jackman in character as Jean Valjean on the set of the new Les Misérables film. A few weeks ago we heard from Hugh that shooting had started when he tweeted how excited he was. Yesterday, he was snapped in character on the set in London where they are filming. Check out the pics – he has seriously undergone a transformation, and is looking very Jean-esque.

WOW! I just love Hugh, he is so incredibly diverse as an actor and willing to completely physically transform himself for a role. In these pics we can see that Hugh is totally embracing the character of Jean Valjean, the paroled prisoner in 19th century France. You can barely recognize that this is the hot Aussie actor with his gaunt face, shaved head, homeless person attire and scraggly beard. I LOVE it! I cannot wait for this film to come out. Can you tell I am excited that Hugh is playing the main protagonist in this great story? If these pics are anything to go by, I think we have one brilliant Jean on the way!


  • kelly

    2-4-6-0-1111111111111! I can hear the songs in my head as I see this! a good sign me thinks!

  • King del Rosario

    Nice Thermos tumbler! *rotfl*