‘American Reunion’ Premieres In Hollywood, CA


The cast of the sequel film American Reunion came out this week here in Hollywood for the big premiere of their new film. All of our fave American Pie stars — like (the very pregs) Alyson Hannigan, Jason Biggs, Seann William Scott, Chris Klein and more — made their way down the red carpet in front of Grauman’s Chinese Theatre … and I have to say, they all looked amazing — including Tara Reid! No, really. Check out the photos below and see what the American Pie gang looks like these days.

Awww … I am so excited for this movie. I’m a total sucker for nostalgia and I love the idea of going back with the cast of American Pie for their 10 year high school reunion. My hat is off to the brilliant person who came up with this idea. This is the first American Pie sequel that has a chance at being as good as the original film. I’m so happy to see Tara Reid looking so well. The girl has been a hot mess for years, she looks really pretty when she’s all cleaned up. And will you look at how amazing Alyson Hannigan looks with her burgeoning baby bump? This photo of her and hubby Alexis Denisof is just too much:

OY. I really hope she’s got a boy in there. That way the perfect Buffyverse family can be even more perfect. LOVE LOVE LOVE. These are great photos from the American Reunion premiere … but I’m really looking forward to seeing the film for myself. It’s gonna be great, I just know it.

[Photo credit: Wireimage]

  • Shannon

    Thomas ian Nicholas is wearing way too much make up!! Damn Tara Reid you cleaned up nice!

  • Cupcake

    Dang Mena Suvari looks Fierce!!!

  • Alyssa

    Aw they all look really good! Can’t wait to see it!

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    Some look old, some look good and some look HAWT!! I am so happy Natasha is in this movie. She looks great. Didn’t she have a serious health scare not too long ago??

    • sarah

      She had Hepatitis C a few years ago, and there were rumors of drug and alcohol problems (and was arrested fro drunk driving at one point. I’m so glad to see her working again, I’ve always loved her. She was so good in “But I’m a Cheerleader”.

  • Nathan

    I cannot wait for this movie!!

  • nicole

    Tara looks fantastic. girl cleaned up realllly nicely.

  • Jessicagiovanna

    Is that other guy in it? The one that would sex it up with Stiffler’s mom?