Adam Levine Shows Off His Newly Shaved Head


Adam Levine, new perfume mogul and possible castmember of American Horror Story season 2, has gone and shaved all of the hair off of his head … and to be honest, it’s not a bad look for him. Adam is a handsome man so he is able to make a few differnet looks work for him. I guess we can add shaved head to those looks that he tends to make work. Click below to see shaved Adam in all his glory and see what you think of his new ‘do.

So here’s some news: Adam Levine buzzed his head! The Maroon 5 singer and “The Voice” judge stopped by the set of “Extra” yesterday at The Grove in L.A., probably to talk about being mega hot. JK, he was probably there to talk about the million projects he’s working on, including the aforementioned band and TV show, as well has his recent studio time with Justin Bieber and the time he spends batting away fellow “The Voice” coach Blake Shelton ’cause dude has a mad crush. Um, how could you not? There’s not much stopping Adam Levine’s hotness factor, people. Buzzed heads don’t work for everyone but Adam rocking it like a pro is going to make a ton of dudes go ask for a No. 3 at the barber. (Thanks a lot.) Also, is that a purse he’s carrying? NO1 CURR, he’s the baddest in his lane.

The only think I’m not really liking about this new buzzed ‘do is the emphasis on his receding hairline. But I guess even Adam Levine has to have a flaw. I think this new look would be helped muchly with the subtraction of his t-shirt, don’tcha think? Are you loving Adam’s new look? Do you approve?

[Photo credit: Splash News; Source]

  • Lulu

    Nope.. not a fan.

  • LILY

    i think it makes him look older…

  • Jill

    Hate it!

  • Amanda M

    I agree with Lily, it makes him look like a Beastie Boy … Me no likey.

  • sars

    What’s the male version of a butter face, cuz I think I found one.

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    I like it!!! I almost shaved my head today and then decided not too!!!

  • nicole

    oh lord no.

  • Julie

    ohhh nooooo!

  • Fabio

    And me I was thinking about shaving it off!

  • Isabelle

    Oh dear…

  • schmee

    The beard with carefully styled hair makes it look like you’re intentionally scruffy in that “I say I dont care but secretly I do” way. The beard with the buzz cut looks like you’re cutting your own hair and too cheap to buy razor blades in that “I actually don’t care” way.

    Guys can have a beard or a buzz cut, not both :P

  • Shannon

    Im glad nobody likes it. More Adam Levine for me.

  • JillyD


  • JillyD

    Nope :(

  • Nancy

    The too-big shirt isn’t helping Adam here, but to me this picture makes him look like Kevin Federline.

    • @Nancy — “this picture makes him look like Kevin Federline.” YIKES :(

  • Jen


  • Caroline

    um no…. not a good look for him :/

  • Cj

    Hate it! It looks like he’s thinning out!!!

  • Sam

    I love the man to bits but this is a BAD look for him. NO NO NO !!!