Watch: Madonna Releases A Music Video For ‘Girl Gone Wild’


Two weeks ago, Madonna released a teaser preview clip of her new music video Girl Gone Wild and today, right now, we get the video in FULL. Girl Gone Wild is the second single released from Maddy’s M.D.N.A. album (which hits stores in mere days) and, if I do say so myself, is the best music video she’s made in many, many years. Click below to see Girl Gone Wild and see what I mean.

Is this not just … an amazingly fantastic video? It deffo reminds me of classic 90s Madonna but in an updated and fresh way. Damn, I just love everything about it … sexy, stylish … totally Madonna. I love, do you?


  • Eduardo

    Oh, it’s amazing. <3

  • Louigi

    This. Woman. Is. 53! Damn!! Hott.

  • Adam

    Now that’s a proper music video.

  • seth

    loves it! it totally changea the perspective of the song in this video and aims it straight at the gays!

  • Ben

    Love it. The Queen doing what she did first before anyone.

  • Will

    Thank God it didn’t turn out to be another Give It 2 Me video!

  • John

    It’s for sure Madge coping Gaga coping Madge AND I LOVE IT

    • @John — “It’s for sure Madge coping Gaga coping Madge” Um, no. This is straight up 90s Madonna brought into the present. It is ridiculous to say Madonna is copying anyone who build a career copying Madonna in the first place.

    • i think john was making a joke? lol/..i hope… cuz it was funny. anyway, i love the video. she looks beautiful in it! i just don’t LOVE the song. i like it, its fun, its empowering, it still has a message, but… i love madonna strong deep voice, i wish it was less techno sounds and more her voice. too bad.

    • this song sounds WAY too much like “celebration”

    • Dion

      john your so right

    • Lisbeth Slander

      Nearly EVERYTHING Gaga has done in her career is a direct rip off of Madonna all the way down to Gaga faking a giant gap in her teeth at the end of the Born This Way video.
      The end of the video with Madonna and the mascara running (a la Fame Monster) is her way of bitch slapping Gaga and serving it right back to her.

  • amazing, amazing

  • Xadax

    Excuse me, her Madgesty never copied, its been there done that. Gaga is falling on the edge of her glory.

  • PixiesBassline

    Yeah, that’s a pretty good video.
    I have a question for anyone who might know the answer: when did Madonna’s trademark mole disappear? Or is it just not as visible as it used to be?

    • Krissy

      I think that mole was fake. And I think it was actually Marilyn’s mole that Madonna borrowed.

    • PixiesBassline

      lol – Yeah, but when did she stop wearing it?

    • Lisbeth Slander

      No, it wasn’t fake whatsoever. Look at pictures of her as a kid. So unless she had the foresight to start faking, much less borrowing a mole from someone, at the tender age of birth your theory proves to be utter rubbish.

  • Mark

    Dita is back! Love the video :D

  • rOXy

    OOOOO MYYY GAAAWD. This is how to do a proper video. Madonna looks amaaaaaaaaaazing. This song is going to be wore out, in a good way. It’s going to be on every playlist out there. Certainly on mine. And Gaga had the audacity to proclaim her steaming pile of an album to be the album of the decade. Gaga should change her name to Madonnawannabe, but then again, she doesn’t have enough talent to be worthy to stand in Madonna’s shadow. I lived that vid. The difference is, Madonna is still living it and those days of glory are but a memory for me now, but I can pretend.

  • Carlos

    Madonna, so is this record about you referencing yourself visually blatantly and without being even witty? Thanks,

  • Wax

    Wow! Kazaky is in it! (and totally inspired by their own music video).

    • Ben

      Inspired is putting it lightly, lol. I love Kazaky and their video and I love Madonna, but its not original here.

  • Rolltideguy77

    Love that she let Mistress Dita come out to play. When you’ve got Sasha Fierce’s, Roman Zolanski’s and Joe Calderone’s running around I always think back that Madonna’s alter-ego had the jump on them first.

  • Taeylor

    This is pure MOTHER MADONNA! And no I am not copying GAGA. I have called her MOTHER for 20 years now as in MOTHER MADONNA(Jesus mother) I am living for it. It’s a fresh approach to her 90’s!! LOVE IT TRENT! THANKS! :)\

  • Taeylor

    And let me say this as I am saying it everywhere I can be heard. I am so sick of the new racism in this country and that is AGEISM. You can be a rock star until you are three thousand years old like The Rolling Stones and no one says a damn thing but if a woman does it it’s wrong. It’s just like Gwen said in her song “You moment will run out cause of your sex chromosome” She doesn’t show nearly much as she used to and I think she looks sexy and appropriate for her age.

    • Ben@pr

      You are so right about ageism. I brought that up in another site when she released the teaser for this video. BTW I love the video because she’s remembering to all the wannabes she was the pioneer of this type of video. This year the one and only Queen is back big time!!!!

    • PixiesBassline

      Is it a reflection of how “disposable” things seem to be now? It’s like they just want her to die because she’s past 35. As if she has no right to continue because she’s surpassed her age limit. I’d hate to know what these people will do with their grandparents and parents when they’re in their 50’s. Hide them in closets?

  • bosie

    HOT MILF!!! HOT! HOT! HOT! THE QUEEN is ruling 2012!! LOVE the GGW video

  • naomi black

    Everything I love about Madonna shines through in this video!!! She took me back to the SEX book & the whole 90’s Erotica era… AMAZING!!!! I also loved how she went her retro Nikki Finn look in her last video!!! She still can amaze me after all this time!!! :0)

  • mark

    LUV, best Madonna music video in years!!

  • jr


    to see her dancing and posing off.
    the wickedness in her attitude.
    reclaim the throne you never lost bitch.
    LOVE IT.

  • XpresssaShot

    Wow – her vocals are autotuned almost beyond recognition. I hate it…

  • Brad

    Yuck! She looks like some desparate old grandmother trying to get in the middle of some hot gay guys making out. Leave the gays alone old woman!

    • PixiesBassline

      You’re just saying that because you know her age and because you’re jealous. I’ve NEVER seen a grandmother look that damn sexy.

  • Zeke

    If the song is called “Girl Gone Wild” then why is it full of naked guys dressed as girls?
    Madonna looks great anyway.

  • rome


  • cupcakes in my pocket

    i LOVED it of course.

  • Kathy

    Hmm it was alright…but I was disappointed with all the smoking in the video. That stuff isn’t sexy.

  • Ian Glass

    Awesome : )
    bringing back the clasics! I love how this is just fun and classic dance as opposed to the typical “fashion magazine on steroids” kind of thing … awesome visuals and awesome strong dance

  • mini

    shes weeping at the end for all the people who copy her.

    • @mini — lol!!!!!!!