Running From Zombies


Yesterday was a pretty fantabulous day, if I do say so myself. Early in the day, I received a very special package in the mail. In the afternoon, I went to a preview movie screening (full review forthcoming). Last night, I spent some time running from zombies. Yes, it was a very full, very fun day.

My Coachella tickets arrived yesterday and I was very excited to rip open the package and get a first look at my 3-Day VIP bracelet. I’ve never been to Coachella before so I’m excited. There is a slight chance I cannot attend but, so far, it looks like I’ll have my first Coachella experience this year. Yesterday afternoon, I was invited to a preview IMAX screening of The Hunger Games and … I CANNOT WAIT TO SHARE MY REVIEW WITH ALL OF YOU. STAY TUNED, it’s coming. Last night, I did my first workout with the Zombies, RUN! app for iPhone and I have to say … I really enjoyed myself:

The iPhone game plays in your thru your earphones (while your music plays) and you feel like you are in the story. As zombies get near you, you have to run faster or you lose your supplies. I’m telling you, when you hear zombies growling in your ear … you run like Hell. I still plan on doing “serious” running but this Zombies, Run! app is fun for those off days when I want to workout and have some fun.

Happy Tuesday, y’all! Happy First Day of Spring!!!

  • Amarie

    I love zombies! So I had downloaded it thinking it was a game, and when it opened my GPS and was telling me to run, I was like, WTH? How do I play this? So I uninstalled!! Thanks for telling me how to play now!! Lol.

  • Matte

    You should definitely check out Grace Potter & The Nocturnals while at Coachella!!
    I promise you will not be disappointed seeing them live!

  • melissa

    Oh my goodness, THANK YOU for letting us know about Zombies, Run! I downloaded it after I read this and ran with it this afternoon. So.Much.Fun! I have been needing some motivation to get back into running and I think this is it! Random question: was your GPS working? Mine says “Acquiring GPS now” but never actually worked…I live in LA so I don’t think it’s a out-of-area thing…Thanks again!