Watch: Jessica Simpson Explains Why She Has Such A Large Bump


Yesterday we heard all about Jessica Simpson’s busy weekend celebrating her baby shower and St. Patricks Day festivities. We have thought for months now Jess has been looking about ready to birth that baby any second. It looked that way when she still had 3 or 4 months to go. There were also rumors going around for a while that she may be carrying twins because of her extra large bump. Well, yesterday on Jimmy Kimmel LIVE!, Jess finally revealed why she has such a large baby bump – she has a lot of amniotic fluid. In typical hilarious Jess style, she also joked that “whenever my water breaks it will be like a fire hydrant!” LOL! Watch a clip from the interview with Jimmy…

We know that Jess still has about four weeks to go before she gives birth to her little girl. Now in the final stretch, the poor thing is REALLY starting to look quite uncomfortable. She appeared on Jimmy Kimmel’s show yesterday Jess and revealed that she’s getting to the point of needing to be done with her pregnancy. “I feel like I have a bowling ball sitting on my hoo-ha!” she said. Goodness, she is TOO funny!!

Jess has been pretty candid and open about her pregnancy and that’s why we have loved following her BUMP WATCH! There has been so much talk about how large she has gotten that it is good to understand the reason behind it. I’m no medical expert but I’ve read a bit about it now, and apparently just because the bump is big it doesn’t mean that the bub will be too. She has a lot of amniotic fluid which explains the fluid and the size of the belly.

I think Jess looks gorgeous and so happy, even more so in this late stage of her pregnancy. I have LOVED following her over the last few months. I just can’t wait to see the little cutie. With only 4 weeks to go, Jess could definitely have this baby early, and given how large she is there is a good chance she could go into early labor, or I guess they could even induce her. As Jess said, it could have even happened on the show last night.

Check out the clip from Jimmy Kimmel last night…


  • nellstar

    Haha…. ok now quit messing with my emotions, Trent! Give me the review for the Hunger Games!

    • @nellstar — Hunger Games review coming later today :D

  • Sarah

    I love Jessica Simpson, but good golly is she BIG! Can’t wait to see pictures of her little girl when she arrives!

  • Kel

    i am so unbelievably sick of people criticizing the size of her belly. there is an entire baby in there! of course it’s big!

  • Junior Mint

    She’s also eating like a trucker, duh!

  • jess

    Sounds like some horse shit to me. She’s talked about the excessive amount she has been eatting-you don’t need THAT many extra calories a day when ur pregnant.

    • Callie

      Eh, it’s a real thing…polyhydramnios. Sometimes it can indicate a problem with the pregnancy but not always. My third was like that, and I measured 9 weeks ahead at one point. The perinatologist called it BBBF–Big Baby Big Fluid, and I had to be induced. The OB declared it “Lake Amnio” when the water was broken. Descriptive. :) Just sticking up for Jess…why, I have no idea.

  • Tracy

    She’s so sweet. But I hope that baby comes soon because the poor thing looks so uncomfortable.

  • PixiesBassline

    She used to annoy me but for the past few years, I’ve gotten over it. She just seems so sweet!
    I also had a HUGE belly when I was pregnant, so I definitely know how miserable she’s feeling!

  • sj

    seriously, i think she’s flippin’ GORGEOUS! go jess!

  • Jenn

    LOL @ pregnancy brain… That was pretty funny haha

    I thought she might have an over-abundance of fluid as per my comments yesterday! ;)

    Btw, what is she wearing? These moo-moo gowns she keeps wearing are far less attractive than anything semi-tight, they make her belly seem even more tent-ish! :S

  • Ella

    She doesn’t need to explain herself. She’s pregnant! Some women have little basket ball bellies, some women don’t even look pregnant, some get big side ways, and some just get plain huge. It’s not newsworthy and anyone who is dogging her is either a dude or has never had a baby….or one of those annoying women who say their periods never hurt and they don’t understand why other women complain.

  • kelly

    she cracks me up. i think she has a kind heart, and is smarter than people think. i always think of her and nick on “newlyweds” sitting on the bow of the boat singing “You are MY Sunshine”, totally impromptu…was very sweet. Anyone know what I am talking about?!

  • Courtney

    you can’t help what your body craves when your pregnant and even if she didn’t have polyhydramnios she’d still look huge because she’s a petite girl my mom was the same way with both her pregnancies nearly 30 years ago and Jessica has also said her doctor predicted that her daughter would be between 8-10lbs so that will look huge on a short girl like her while on a girl nearly 6ft like Joely Richardson who had an 11.5lb baby with her daughter Daisy 20 years ago and didn’t have the same issues as Jessica does but gained about the same amount of weight and nobody fussed because of the family Joely is from