Bobbi Kristina Brown’s Rep Comments On Those Engagement Rumors


A couple of days ago we saw new photos of Bobbi Kristina rocking a phat diamond ring on her left finger as she stepped out with her rumored fiancée Nick Gordon. Today we are hearing from Bobbi Kris’s rep who denies that she and Nick are engaged. As a few Pink readers have correctly surmised, Bobbi Kris is actually wearing one of Whitney Houston’s rings. Click below to see a side-by-side comparison of Whitney and BK wearing the same ring.

Bobbi Kristina Brown likes to keep a little something to remember her mom Whitney Houston by. The late pop star’s only child has been wearing a big ring, but despite earlier speculation, Brown isn’t actually planning to walk down the aisle with her “adopted brother/boyfriend” Nick Gordon, 22. Her rep tells PEOPLE the pair are not engaged. And a source adds, “She is just wearing her mom’s ring.” Brown raised eyebrows when she was first spotted kissing and holding hands with Gordon, whom Houston took in to live with them many years ago.

This is looking more and more like a case of attention-seeking more than anything else. While we cannot be sure that it was BK herself who started the engagement rumor, I’m quite sure she enjoyed the attention all the talk brought her in the past couple of weeks. Now … about that Las Vegas trip that she was rumored to be planning … I guess we’ll have to see if that was all talk, too. At least we can rest knowing that BK is not planning to get married. Fraternizing with Nick Gordon really ain’t a big deal so I honestly have no problem with that. I’m just glad the little girl is not engaged to be married.

[Photo credit: Splash News; Source]

  • Tiffany

    Yeah, she totally could’ve worn it on her right hand instead. Guess she’s trying to milk Whitney’s death for all it’s worth…

  • AK

    Or maybe she just prefers to wear the ring on her left hand. I’m an unengaged lefty who prefers to wear rings on my left hand than my right. its just a ring. you can wear them on whatever finger and whatever hand you like.

  • lisa

    OMG, OR the poor girl’s mom just died and she was acting out a little bit??? Leave BK alone!

    • Adriana


  • Ummm

    Cant focus on ring with the bad wig hairline

    • Sandy

      Right?! The girl just inherited more money than most of will see in a lifetime and she can’t get a good weave?!

  • jen

    I agree, I also then to wear my rings on my left hand too! Don’t know why just prefer it. Also it looks like that’s the finger her mom wore it on. I think this poor girl is grieving and just needs to be left alone.

  • jen

    Oops…… Tend to wear my rings!

  • cinner

    I feel bad for BK. Just because they have money she has seen and been involved in alot of bad shit as a child. Poor girl has nothing of her mother as far as her looks or voice, please let this child have the drive to live that her mother did not have.