Amanda Seyfried Is Coupled Up With Josh Hartnett


A few weeks back we heard about why Amanda Seyfried broke it off with her beau last year, Ryan Phillippe. Amanda has been busy working on the film Lovelace where she plays the lead role of the 1970?s porn star Linda Lovelace. She is also working on the film adaptation of Les Miserables with the wonderful, Hugh Jackman, but she hasn’t been too busy to find a new leading man. Us Weekly has revealed last night that Amanda is dating hottie, Josh Hartnett, and has been together with him in secret for a while now.

The news is that Amanda stepped out for the first time in public with her beau, Josh, on Saturday in Hollywood. They were reportedly spotted leaving Amanda’s home and going grocery shopping at Trader Joes. They were also seen cosying up at Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood. I guess this means they are together, but nothing has been officially confirmed. Hmm….

I’m a big Amanda fan, and I can’t wait to see her in Lovelace. A few weeks ago we saw pics from the set and got to see Amanda with bruises on her face, filming the more serious parts of the film. This is going to be one massive role for her to play, and I am so keen to see how she handles the challenge. I think she is going to be great. Things are going very well for Miss Mandy career wise and now maybe personally. I’m actually pretty excited about this couple and I’m hoping that it is in fact real because Josh is a total hottie and IMHO is far better than Ryan Phillippe. What do you think of Amandosh??

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  • rinachandayo

    I like this! I think they will be beautiful together.

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    She is a lucky gal but he is a lucky man!!! These two totally make sense.

  • JeniLee

    I am all for this if it means he comes back in the spotlight to accompany her to events and such. He totally vanished and I miss him!

    • Aly

      Totally agree! I remember being so crazy about him years ago and then suddenly he was nowhere to be found! He seems like one of the more down-to-earth and normal people in Hollywood, it would be nice for him to be out setting an example again.

    • Ama

      You should watch the movie ‘Bunraku’. It’s been a movie in the making but finally premiered last year-Josh Hartnett is one of the main characters in the movie :)

    • JeniLee

      Thanks for the tip I will find it on Netflix.

      Aly I had the biggest crush on him too after seeing H2O and The Faculty!!

  • Cee

    Is it just me that thinks she goes from one disaster relationship to another?

  • Jess

    I vote that their nickname be “Amosh”

  • banana

    Yes!! The Faculty!! i had such a mad crush on him back then!!!