Watch: ‘Snow White And The Huntsman’ Releases A 5 Minute Movie Trailer


Back in January we got to check out a new promo video for the forthcoming film Snow White and the Huntsman, starring Charlize Theron, Chris Hemsworth and Kristen Stewart. Today we get to check out a very lengthy, 5 minute trailer that gives us a very good over view of the film … and which some might argue gives away too much. In all of the previous trailers, K. Stew has remained completely silent … only appearing in a few scenes. This 5 minute trailer finally lets us hear from Kristen … as she utters 4 short lines of dialog. Honestly, even tho it does give away a lot of the film, this new trailer is fantastic and proves to me that it is THE Snow White film to see this year.

This 5 minute trailer is basically the entire movie in summation. We know pretty much all of the important parts of the story. The inclusion of the dwarfs and their loyalty to Snow White was the last piece of the puzzle that was kept from earlier trailers. BUT, just in case you don’t want to spoil yourself with this 5 minute trailer, you can check out the just-released 2 1/2 minute trailer below that features new footage … just not as much as the 5 minute trailer does:

This movie looks good … I love this kind of dark take on classic fairytales. I guess it’s really not spoilery if we know what’s going to happen this soon before the film comes out. After all, the movie is based on a classic fairytale that we ALL know very well. I’m impressed with Snow White and the Huntsman … this 5 minute trailer has really impressed me. What do y’all think?

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  • Kelly

    It looks really, really good. But I’m torn…Kristen Stewart…don’t know if I can take it. But it looks like Charlize Theron makes up for it 10 fold.

    • Claire

      Agreed, I think it looks fantastic. I am Kristen Stewart’s biggest critic, but I actually didn’t think she did too terribly from what the trailer shows. I mean, at least she managed more than one emotion. Maybe being tough as opposed to sentimental is more her element, and I find her a little less annoying with an accent. Here’s to hoping.

  • Velaine

    It’s wonderful to see these fairy tales princesses turned into heroes. I was always bothered by the whole “some day my prince will come” thing.

  • Iheartaustin

    I think it looks amazing, but I’ve thought that since the whole “two snow white movie fiasco” began! And I love Charlize so much more as the evil queen and I think Kristen will really shine as this snow white! I love her… Even if I’m one of few. ;)

  • nicole

    i cant watch this right now…but does Kristen finally talk in these trailers or are they still keeping her quiet?

    • @nicole — She has four, short lines.

    • nicole

      four short lines too many ;)

  • Ama

    Looks good.

    I notice you’ve been covering this movie more than the other snow white movie, what do you think of that one?

    P.S- What happened to Melissa? I don’t think I’ve seen a new post from her lately.

    • @Ama — I am thus far unimpressed with what I’ve seen of ‘Mirror Mirror’ but I’m attending a screening of it next week so, I’ll reserve judgement til then. Melissa has been on vacay, she’s back tomorrow :D

    • Ama

      Ah. ‘Mirror Mirror’ Does seem to be more comedy than anything else, at least from the previews I’ve seen. Some of the parts made me laugh, others seemed ridiculous. I look forward to reading your review on it :)

      Ahh okay! I thought she went missing or something XD

  • blaqfury

    I only watched the 2.5 min one… although i know the story i’d rather still be somewhat surprised.

    I am excited to see this film…Charlize is going to kill it!

    I have absolutely no interest whatsoever in the “other” snow white film. Can’t wait for the huntsman release date!

  • Adrienne

    This looks amazing. Even though I’m not KS’s favorite fan, I’m going to go see this movie. Maybe Kristen will win me over. Charlize is amazing. But is Kristen really more beautiful than Charlize? I guess they’re saying true beauty comes from within.

  • Hyzenthlay

    Wow, I almost liked KS as Snow White in this trailer. I’m officially psyched.

  • Anne Boleyn

    This looks really good, actually.
    Don’t know if KS will pull it off though.

  • Tracy

    I agree with everyone I think Kristen seems to do a much better job. However, from what I can hear her accent is not very good. But, Charlize and Chris are the draw for this movie. I have to say when they say “who is the fairest of them all” I chuckled a little because I say to myself the “evil queen”… Looks better then snow white. They really should’ve down played Charlize’s natural beauty seriously…

    I would see Mirror Mirror too I love JR and it looks funny.

  • megsterg

    I love how they put in the clip clarifying that snow white has the rarest beauty of all, beauty of the heart lol. Ouch! But it is Charlize Theron, so you can’t be mad.

  • Alys

    KStew is not my liking, still, but give me more Chris and Charlize. God. YUM!

  • LiQue

    charlize sold this to me. i could care less about kirsten