Saints Preserve Us


Yesterday turned out to be a pretty quiet St. Patrick’s Day around these here parts. It rained off and on all day long but I managed to squeeze in a pretty decent 2+ mile run so that I could stay on track with my training. Last night, David and I made our way to Cafe La Boheme in West Hollywood for dinner and then spent the rest of the night here at home. Easy, breezy … that’s how we do sometimes.

My run yesterday was just OK. I managed to run a bit farther than I have before but my ankle tendons were really, really sore. They loosened up along my run and I felt good but … I dunno, the cloudy day kinda colored the day. I met this little snail dude on my run … I didn’t step on him and I sincerely hope I didn’t step on any of his friends/family. Dinner last night was pretty quiet … David and I ate then retired for the night at home. Ugh, I’m just so always hungry and tired that … I was really OK with making last night an early night. Today is a non run day … and I’m gonna take it easy … gotta rest up my ankles.

Today, I’m hoping to meet up with Darion and his dad Tim this afternoon before David and I make our way to Margaret and Chris’s place for a little par-tay. Happy Sunday!!

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  • rOXy

    Regardless whether or not it’s on purpose, I am glad you are chronicaling this journey and sharing it. I always find it interesting to watch an athlete being born. Gold star for getting out in the rainy weather to get your training in. That proves you are seriously committed. I love your heart. Not many who are concerned about the life of one “lowly” snail, much less his friends and family. As this journey reveals more of yourself to you, you are revealing more of yourself to us. You’re a very fine person.

  • Oscar

    The two of you are getting more on the married couple habits.It is nice.Good for the two of you.Congratulations.

  • JillyD

    I love reading about your runs, I’m a new runner as well. I know your training for the Disney half but have you thought about running a 5 or 10k before then? I ran my first 5k today for the American Heart Association and I feel amazing!

    • @JillyD — Yes, I’m thinking of doing a 5k over the Summer. Are you on It’s a great social network site for runners :)

  • JillyD

    No but I’m thinking about picking up a nano and the Nike+ adapter this weekend so I’ll definitely sign up once I do that.

    • @JillyD — I really love my iPod Nano BUT the Nike+ app in the Nano does NOT connect with the foot pod sensor (but it works great as a walking pedometer). You will deffo need the adapter to connect your iPod to the sensor. Have fun!!

  • JillyD

    So i should make sure to get the kit with the white adapter AND the foot sensor?

    • @JillyD — Actually, now I’m not sure. I use the Nike+ Sportswatch to connect with my shoe sensor … but I don’t know if the iPod Nano does, too. This site might provide the answers:

      According to Apple’s website, the new iPod Nano appears to NOT need the foot sensor at all: Track your walk. Or your run.
      The built-in accelerometer in iPod nano gives you real-time feedback on your workout, and you can upload data to the Nike+ website. There’s no need to connect a receiver or use a shoe sensor to track your steps, distance, pace, and time. Just clip on iPod nano and go. In the gym, connect iPod nano to a Nike + iPod compatible cardio machine to keep track of every workout. Back at your computer, upload all your data to the Nike+ website to create personal goals, check your progress, and challenge your friends to top your results.

  • JillyD

    Thanks! I guess I can talk to the guys at the Apple store as well.