First Listen: A Clip Of Madonna’s Song ‘Best Friend’ Hits The Internets


Madonna has released today another minute-long clip of a new song from her forthcoming album M.D.N.A. Today we get to preview her song Best Friend. The song has a drum & bass-y beat that I really like … yet, doesn’t seem to mesh well with the lyrics. In this song, Madonna is sining to an ex-lover who she laments was her best friend. Is she singing, once again, to ex-husband Guy Ritchie? Or maybe Jesus Luz, maybe? HMMM. Click below and listen for yourselves.

As I said, I love the music of of this song … sans lyrics, it sounds like a fantastic club song. The story she tells with the lyrics changes the tone of the song, I think. Obvs, we don’t know who she is singing about in this song (if she is singing about anyone at all) but it sounds like she is singing to one of her exes … but who? I dig the song overall, even if the lyrics don’t jibe with the music. What do y’all think?


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  • Charlotte

    I know I’m going to get nailed on this but, please, less Madonna.

  • Zach

    I’m pretty sure this is Trent’s blog, he writes what he wants, your choice if you read it or not.

  • Iheartaustin

    I really like it!!! It sound like it could have been on the MUSIC album!!!

  • rOXy

    Trent would be remiss as devoted Madonna fan if he did not post her new material as it is available. Many of us fellow fans are very glad he does.

  • jr

    love it…she’s bringing jungle beats back…love that.
    cute song.

  • 2words

    Sean Penn

  • jr

    on many listens….it is one of the best songs…I love the singing she is doing…real Madonna…this song and Turn Up The Radio are the best for me so far!

  • rYan

    Trent: I’m loving the coverage. I could see why someone who doesn’t like Madonna or isn’t a fan would get irritated, but you know what I do when Trent is covering something I have no interest in? I don’t click or comment on the post. It’s that easy!!! As for the song, I like it….but I was saying this about Hard Candy when it came out until I had to come clean with myself months after its release. lol

  • PixiesBassline

    I’m really liking the bass that’s going on.