Bobbi Kristina Brown Steps Out Again With Nick Gordon, Continues To Show Off Her Phat Ring


Earlier this week we saw photos of Bobbi Kristina Brown wearing a ring on her left hand, which seemed to corroborate rumors that she and her pseudo “brother” Nick Gordon are engaged to be married. Altho the couple still have not confirmed whether or not they are engaged, they are still happily flaunting their romantic relationship and Bobbi Kris is happily showing off her ring. Click below to get a better look at the rock on BK’s finger … does it look like an engagement ring to you?

They are said to not care what anybody thinks about their controversial relationship. And Bobbi Kristina and her rumoured ‘fiance’ and ‘adoptive brother’ Nick Gordon have once again defied their critiques by stepping out hand-in-hand over the weekend. The 19-year-old daughter of Whitney Houston showed off a huge diamond on her engagement finger amid controversial rumors that Nick has popped the question. Kristina, who is mourning the death of her mother, was spotted leaving an AT&T store with Gordon, who Houston raised as her own for 10 years.
The two looked happily in love and held hands as they entered and left the store, in their hometown Atlanta, on Friday. Bobbi gave a nod to her late mother by wearing a Whitney Houston: Nothing But Love tour sweater, with a striped minidress and boots.
She smoked a cigarette and clutched her iPhone.

Oh yeah … that rock looks like an engagement ring to me. The question for me is not whether or not these two are engaged, the question for me is who paid for this big ass diamond? I guess it doesn’t matter … BK is pretty much on her own now. My guess is that she and Nick are grieving together and, therefore, feel it’s them against the world. I hope things work out for the best for them … and by that I mean, I hope they do not get married. I guess we’ll see.

[Photo credit: Splash News; Source]

  • Amarie

    What’s with the band on that thing? And if it’s real then who the hell bought it is right.

  • Courtney

    the ring Bobbi has been wearing used to belong to her mother as in Whitney’s engagement ring from Bobby Brown and Technically Bobbi Kristina’s full name is Bobbi Kristina Houston Brown and her and Nick aren’t in anyway related Whitney Never officially adopted him

  • Gina Grandchamp

    Leave the kids alone. They are helping each other, there is nothing wrong with that. One human being helping another. If they love each other time will tell. Live and let live. They trust each other that is important. It is no one bus but theirs. I wish them good luck. Everyone should help them with the problem of their Mother passing. RIP Whitney.

    If Gordon can help Christy that is good. If Christi can help him that is good. They know each other for 10 years. At the very least they are not stranger. Give them space to love each other we need more loving people in this world.

    May be they will make this world a better world for all of us. They are not blood brother and syster. They can love each other all they want.

    Good luck kids work on it. Time will tell Love concord a lot. Love each other that is important.

  • Sandy

    Who cares about the ring? What the crack is with that outfit?!

    • A

      That dress is so short!

  • Steph

    Obviously the ring belongs to her mother and likely helps Bobbie feel close to her. Now hopefully the next time we see her out she won’t be wearing a shirt as a dress and will have remembered to change out of her house shoes before going into public. :)

  • Ash

    im so sick of seeing news about her dating her “brother”. He was never adopted. And I agree, they are helping each other get through this. Most likely him helping her. And I also agree, I bet that was her mothers ring. I love everything you do Trent, but lets stop with the “brother” stuff. I wish them nothing but love!

  • Oscar

    They are not related in any way.They grew up together so maybe they have been in love for a long time now.Many couples grew together as neighbors and then married and are happy and contented.Why not these two?.

  • tiffany

    Honestly is would be a really bad decision to take such a step after a death.Hope she’s getting what ever help she needs.

  • rOXy

    Whitney loved him like a son, and I guess that says enough. I’m sure it’s more complicated than a few words can explain,and maybe Nick likely genuinely cares for Kristina. I can help but think part of this is out of loyalty to Whitney. Nick is helping Whitney’s baby girl through the devastation and offering her protection since Whitney isn’t around to do that anymore. He is probably leaning on BK in his own grief as well. They are each a link to the person they lost. That might be Whitney’s ring, wouldn’t doubt it. I don’t know why everyone thinks you’re coming down on them, Trent. I’ve only seen understanding and supportive words from you on the subject.

  • Lynne

    I’m just disgusted by that cigarette more than anything else! Ew.

    • Sandy


  • PetaF

    Im glad there are others that don’t think there’s anything wrong with their relationship. There not blood related, he was never Actually adopted. Good luck to them! x

  • Amanda

    I am over these two. So over and tired of them.

  • Rolltideguy77

    Remind me of Cher and Josh from the movie Clueless, only not so cute. Not cute at all….

  • michelle

    That’s actually her mom’s ring.
    But why the F is she smoking?? Really who can be surprised she’s picked up this nasty habit from the example her parents set?
    I really hope she doesn’t go whacko seems the paps are hounding her relentlessly. Poor kid.

  • Jenny

    Yea the whole thing with the “Pseudo brother” is real creepy. That ring was her mom’s engagement ring from her dad. She got all her mom’s jewelry, clothes, etc. I am sure these two are leaning on eachother after such a traumatic loss. I’m sure Bobbi Kris is still in shock over her mom.

  • sara

    I liked whitney houston a lot better when she was alive…mostly because I didn’t have to constantly hear about her or her dysfunctional family. There are people dying every day that didn’t destroy their lives/talents.

  • Marcus

    The ring in question is Whitney’s ring although not her engagement ring. She wore this ring for many many years and it was alleged that it was a gift from a former suitor not Bobby Brown. If you look at her past album covers as well as an old cover of Ebony you see that this is the ring she has always worn on her right hand. Her wedding ring was actually much larger than this one, very gaudy and it was round. I honestly think this whole Nick/BK thing is for attention but who knows it could truly be love.