Watch: Ridley Scott Releases A Full Length Trailer For ‘Prometheus’


Back in December we got our first look at a teaser trailer for Ridley Scott’s much anticipated Alien prequel film Prometheus, due out in just a few weeks. Today we get to check out a new, full length IMAX trailer that features a lot of new, creepy, very confusing footage from the film. Naturally, at the start … everything seems fine … then … well, things are no longer fine. Check out the trailer below and see what you think.

Wow. This looks so good. I have NO idea what is going on … but I’m disturbed, greatly. The quick shot of what looks to be an alien baby looks so freaky. I’m really excited for this movie. As I’ve said before, Ridley Scott is a sci-fi genius. I can’t wait to see what he has in store for us with this new installment of the Alien film franchise. Looks good, don’t it?


  • Isabelle


  • Cait

    I didn’t realize Noomi Rapace was going to be in this movie. AND Michael Fassbender. I’m even more excited now. Thanks for posting the trailer !

  • Bel

    Trent you need to post the trailer that has been released at Wondercon. It is waaaay better than this one. In High Def as well.

    Check it out at

    That trailer gives a lot more away. So if you are avoiding finding out too much about the movie, don’t watch it.

  • MOTM

    Can’t wait. Can’t wait. Thank you and thanks to, Bel. Sweeeeeet!

  • Eep! Yay. Can’t wait to see this. And yes, Bel is correct… the other trailer is way better cuz it’s twice as long and not confusing at all with much more story revealed.
    Side note, have any Ridley Scott fans seen Life In A Day, his film from last year made with You Tube and people around the world? It’s amazing and my fave film of 2011… I totally recommend it!