Watch: Shirley Manson Talks Garbage On ‘Chelsea Lately’


Shirley Manson, the frontwoman of Garbage, paid a visit to Chelsea Lately last night to promote the forthcoming new album Not Your Kind of People and over the course of her interview, Shirley talked about a range of topics … from Coachella, to Justin Bieber, to the reason why Garbage “broke up” back in the early 00’s. It’s absolutely fantastic to hear from Shirley again … click below and check out video from her interview last night.

Gahhh … that accent … I love it so. I am SO freaking excited about the return of Garbage. I will be seeing the band LIVE in concert in less than a month and I can barely contain myself. This interview has reminded me how much I’ve missed having Shirley Manson in my life. I hope she does more promo appearances like this in the near future because I can’t get enough. Love Love Love her!!!


  • LOVE HER. Seriously would not mind at all if I died right now and was reborn as Shirley Manson.

  • bosie

    She’s so fucking sexy and EXTREMELY talented…Glad Garbage is back. I’m happy artists are doing it their own way!

  • Megan

    i’m so glad that garbage is back. you know that they do it purely for the music, another reason to love them!! love your shirley manson!

  • Carrie

    Shirley is my idol. She’s one of the few artists from the 90’s that can still rock, and she’s never had any drama around her. I’ve seen her numerous times and this year I plan to follow the tour through several states. I’m very excited and this album looks like it’s going to be a mix of the first 2 albums – several layers, oddities of sounds, dark, and as always – purely original. The Garbage sound is truely unique, and Shirley’s voice and lyrics are amazing. My fellow red-headed Virgo always on the verge of something!