Madonna Releases Another Two New ‘M.D.N.A.’ Promo Photos


Earlier this week we got to see a couple of beautiful new promo images of Madonna for her new album M.D.N.A. As you may recall, the photos were shot by Frech photographers Mert + Marcus. Today we get to see a couple of newer promo photos of Madonna by Mert + Marcus and as you can see below, Maddy is looking as beautiful as ever!

I’m really loving the Black and White photos from this era of promotion. Madonna looks stunning … just beautiful. I like her best when her sexiness seems less forced. These photos capture her natural beauty, I think. This is the Madonna that rules the world … plainly and simply, she is an icon. Classic. Beautiful.


  • Amanda

    I never considered Madonna to be “pretty”, but beautiful is indeed the word to describe her. Never been a huge fan of her work, but she deserves to be called an icon. I think women like her and Britney and Beyonce are deserving of the “icon” label. They have worked hard and proven their mettle over the years, and I know this is probably not the best time to bring this up, but it really grinds me when people refer to Gaga as an “icon”. It just does. Madonna and Britney never had to push the gay rights movement down our throats, they didn’t have to. The gay community gravitated towards them and loved them without being told to. They never had to resort to branding their work “art pop” or whatever gimmicky nonsense Gaga has tried to make the world believe she is championing. Madonna evolved over the years, and with a purpose. Gaga “evolves” for the sake of looking different, and roped in an egg and fake horns on her shoulders and face to help her achieve it. It irks me when people refer to her as the new Madonna. Just no.

  • Ben

    There’s only one Madonna who is The Queen of Pop. All the other have so much to achieve, demonstrate and endure the lows of a pop career with class. People call Madonna cold because she doesn’t tend to spill her guts out but she hasn’t broke down into pieces in front of the world either which for me is remarkable. My examples of music icons some of which I am not a fan of are The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Elvis Priestley and Madonna.

  • Nathan

    She is beautiful regardless, but there is a lot of makeup, creative photography and photoshop going on in that pic.

    • Amanda

      Every officially released photo of a celebrity is photoshopped to a certain extent, but without natural beauty and presence, makeup and Photoshop can’t change you into something you’re not. Well, technically it can, but you get my point. :)

    • YepYep

      I’ve seen some pre-photoshopped pics of her in recent years….and they ain’t naturally that good for sure. Sorry. For these pics above, I give full kudos to the photographer, the photo editor and a huge round of applause to the big guns here….strobes and gels (photographer talk).