First Listen: A Clip Of Madonna’s Song ‘I Don’t Give A’ Hits The Internets


Madonna has released a new preview clip of one of the songs on her upcoming new album M.D.N.A. which is due to hit stores on March 26. Today we get to hear a little over a minute of her song I Don’t Give A. While many of Madonna’s other songs on M.D.N.A. might have differing meanings, the lyrics of I Don’t Give A make it plainly obvious that the song was inspired by and is meant for Maddy’s ex husband Guy Ritchie. Take a listen below and get your first taste of I Don’t Give A.

At first, the song’s syncopation reminded me a bit of Madonna’s song American Life (I’m drinkin’ a soy latte / I get a double shotte) but then the song gives way to a more melodic vibe. The lyrics, I tried to be a your wife / Diminished myself / And I swallowed my light, make it very clear that Madonna is singing to her ex husband (who she seems to resent … a lot). I don’t know that this song will make a good single, per se, but I’m sure the catharsis was positive for our dear Madge. I understand we will get more preview snippets thruout the weekend so … stay tuned. As for I Don’t Give A … what do y’all think? Do you like it? Do you give a F?


  • rOXy


  • i haven’t been impressed with barely any of these “leaks”… new age madonna is kinda lame.

  • Dennis

    I’m not a fan but is it actually smart to trash talk Lady Gaga in a song? It seems a bit childish. We all know who she is influenced by. Why does Madonna feel the need to pee on the very fire hydrant she built. Or has someone come along and repainted it for you? We all know you own it Maddy. No need to stoop.

    • Patch

      actually Nicki is say Don Dada which is something completely different and not even related to Gaga …but i can see how that it sounds similar to GaGa in the lyrics

  • Sam

    Nicki Minaj is the queen of rhyming the same word over and over. UGH, her so-called rap really pisses me off

  • Alys

    Trashing your ex in a song: something I expect of Katy Perry. Madonna? No way in hell. Grow up, Madge.