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So, ever since I started running a couple of weeks ago I’ve been getting a lot of requests for me to share my running mix playlist. Because iTunes does NOT make it easy to export playlists to any form of readable text, I’ve put off figuring out a way to share my playlist with all y’all. In the end, I basically had to make a screenshot of my iTunes Running Mix playlist and share it below in photo form. It’s a pretty big playlist but I like having a bunch of songs just play randomly … it’s a nice surprise when a song starts playing as you zone out during your run.

I was given an iPod Nano Touch mp3 player last year and because I always have my iPhone with me, I never found a use for the little device … until now. I don’t want to run with my iPhone (for fear of dropping it) but I simply MUST have music playing when I run. So, I dug out my Nano and voila — the answer to my problem. This iPod Nano comes with the Nike+ app built in and, as far as I know, it’s the only Nike+ app that allows you to track walks (as opposed to always having to track runs with the larger, iPhone app). Paired with some super light, super inexpensive Sony earphones (not earbuds, I hate shoving buds into my ears) this iPod Nano does the trick for me.

And here is my long, 60+ song Running Mix playlist:

I really didn’t put much thought into compiling this list … I really just sorted thru some of my other playlists for the best uptempo songs I could think of. As I said, I like the surprise when a new song comes up on shuffle. Oftentimes, a really good surprise can give me that burst of new energy to keep running. I’m sure I’ll be adding (and maybe taking away from) this list in the coming weeks and months … but these are the tunes that are helping to fuel my runs. If you have any suggestions, please pass them along.

Today is a run day so … I’ll be hitting the pavement this afternoon, after I finish work. To be honest, I’m looking forward to my runs. Taking a day off from running every other day seems to be working for me. I get a day to recuperate and get excited about running again. I started my running training exactly 2 weeks ago today. I’m running farther and longer these days then I was when I started so … I’m well on my way to my goal.

OH and for you runners out there who want to connect with me socially, I created a profile at DailyMile here: If you have a DM profile, let’s be friends! Happy Thursday!!

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  • Leslie

    I thought I was the only one who used those earphones these days! I love them. Not only do they actually stay in my ears, but they also keep all the flyaways away from my face!

    Good luck with the training, Trent!

  • Jenny K.

    Stacy Q! Yes! :D

  • John

    ONLY 2 BRITNEY SONGS?!!!! Trent hand in your stan card right now!

    Add Womanizer, Break the Ice and Stronger and you’re forgiven :)

    • @John — Can’t have too much Britney, cuz then I’d stop running and start dancing in the middle of the street!!!

    • Caroline

      @Trent – you haven’t fist pumped and sang to music on your runs yet? I am that girl who looks like an idiot* while running because I sing and flail my arms around during certain songs. Luckily I usually run early in the morning on the lakefront path in Chicago so not that many people are subjected to my spasms.

      *or like Phoebe from Friends….

    • JCZ

      HAHA Trent – SO much lol reading that!!

      Must say anything from Blackout is allowed, Break The Ice is an EPIC track I long to see Brit perform. It’s second to Gimme More for best song openers. I really think it could’ve passed for first single.

      Anyway, your playlist is fit for running. You just need often carefree, beat driven, fun loving music, which is mostly pop & dance music. And from looking at it, I think you provided me for the Kylie Minogue song remix I’ve been searching for, for a while after I heard it on radio, Thanks!

  • Florence and the machine makes for SUCH good running music. think about it :)

  • Sfmom

    1) back when I tried to run (uh, it was a disaster. Bad knees. Boohoo) – “since u been gone” was my favorite song to run to, it always gave me an extra burst of energy.

    2) what happened to Melissa? I don’t think I’ve seen any posts from her in awhile.

    • @Sfmom — Kelly is great for running. Melissa is on vacay.

  • Dennis

    Where do I get Sharpshooter from? I want all the Hustle Roses tracks. That was not on the EP I bought off Amazon. Is this a special friend only release? Lucky. ;)

  • Z

    Shakira’s “Waka Waka (This Time For Africa)” song really gets me going in the mornings. :)

  • Trent, you must be so buzzed that you’re achieving your goal! This sounds strange, but Muse is surprisingly awesome when running!

  • Brandess

    Add Ass on the Floor by Diddy Dirty Money. Great song for running. And I’m not even a Diddy fan. Also Run the World (Girls) by Beyonce, and Domino by Jesse J.

    • JCZ

      Run The World… really?! Didn’t think that; A) Cause I don’t like Beyonce B) The song is a mess that the beat is so off-track random mixture, it’s very stop and start, not the constant rhythm thats perfect for working out.

  • Joon

    I used to be a runner, years ago, before kids, when I weighed a lot less … And I’ve been thinking about running again for a long time but haven’t dine anything. This week one of my friends asked me to join her in a half marathon in June – but I thought that was way too soon. So, we found one in October & now I’ve started running again. I’ve always enjoyed your blog, but now that you have also taken up running, it’s one more thing I like to read. Keep up the good work!

    • @Joon — Yay! Best of luck on your training, may I suggest you check out It’s a great social site for runners, I’ve found a lot of inspiration, motivation and advice there. It makes the training fun. Find me and let’s be friends <3

  • LiQue

    3 madonna songs??? for real trent?

  • Jonathan

    Thanks Trent! As a runner I’ve been curious to know what you listen to. I’m gonna look into your Sony recommendation as I’m currently looking for some.

    • @Jonathan — I really love the earphones, they are so light … and only $7 on Amazon. You can’t beat the price.

  • linh

    OMG. Stacey Q – Two Of Hearts! LOVE IT!!

    Also, track 53 is EVERYTHING. And 47 is so great, too. Plus Martika rules all. So yeah, this could pretty much be my playlist too.
    Samezeez :-)

  • Smoo

    I’m not gonna lie, Azealia Banks, Yelle, OK GO, Madonna, and Brit-Brit. Pretty good playlist! Any lesser known artists from Coachella that you would recommend?

  • Beth

    Hi Trent – FYI it is really easy to export a playlist from iTunes to Excel (I’m guessing Numbers would be similar for Mac users). Simply select all songs in your playlist, hit copy, then paste into Excel.

    • @Beth — OY! Excel … I haven’t used that program in years. I did figure out a way to copy/paste the text (with some funky formatting) but I think the photo with the stars looks better ;)

  • Adriana

    yayyyyyy thanks for sharing!

  • Jerd

    Where’s the Slipknot?

  • muchacha

    Yay Trent thanks!! I have been pretty much only listening to Britney for my runs/workouts. My fave songs of hers that get me pumped right now are Phonography, Trip to your heart, and Break the ice. I also like Tightrope by Janelle Monae, and some songs from the Hanna soundtrack are great as well.

  • stevietv

    gotta love the LTC in there – here and now is a great song!

  • cmc

    I’m so happy you’re out there running! It’s one of my favorite things to do. I just listen to the sound of my feet hitting the pavement when I run…sometimes it gets boring, but since I live in NYC I really like to stay aware of my surroundings. Just added you on dailymile, look forward to seeing your training!