Is Bobbi Kristina Brown Engaged To Her Pseudo ‘Brother’ Nick Gordon?


Yesterday we saw the first photos of Whitney Houston’s daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown expressing some serious PDA with her pseudo “brother” Nick Gordon while they were out and about in Atlanta, GA together this week. Nick, as you may recall, is a young man that Whitney brought into her home and raised as a son about 10 years ago after he was abandoned by his family … so he was, essentially, raised as Bobbi Kris’s pseudo adoptive brother. Today we are hearing rumors that Bobbi K and Nick may have gotten engaged to be married! Bobbi was spotted wearing a big ol’ ring on her left hand … adding fuel to the rumors that the couple are engaged. Additionally, we are hearing from sources that Cissy Houston (Whitney’s mother, Bobbi Kristina’s grandmother) is not at ALL happy about this pairing. I mean … obviously.

Whitney Houston’s daughter was sporting an interesting piece of jewelry on her ring finger during her PDA-filled stroll with her “adopted” brother this week … a big, fat ring. As we previously reported, Bobbi Kristina and Nick Gordon finally went public with their relationship this week … holding hands and kissing during a lunch date in Atlanta. Now, with rumors swirling about a possible engagement … the massive ring on Bobbi’s finger isn’t doing anything to hint otherwise.

I should note that this engagement rumor started up before photos of Bobbi Kris wearing this ring came to light … but, yeah, the ring on the left hand does seem to fall in line with the rumors going around about this young couple. Tho, it’s very possible that Bobbi is just wearing rings on her fingers because she can … she is also wearing a ring on her right hand as well.

As for Cissy Houston, well, I understand she has not been a Nick Gordon fan for a long time. As soon as Whitney died, Cissy made her intentions known that she did NOT want Nick living in Whitney’s home with Bobbi Kristina any more … and I guess now we know why:

Cissy Houston — Whitney Houston’s mom — has reacted fiercely to the video posted Wednesday showing Bobbi Kristina and Whitney’s “adopted” son Nick Gordon in a romantic grip, and then kissing. Cissy told a close friend, “What they’re doing is incestuous.” Cissy feels her granddaughter has problems and Nick is taking advantage of her. Although Whitney never formally adopted Nick, she considered him her son and Bobbi called him her brother. For his part, Nick called Bobbi his sister. Cissy is so concerned that Bobbi has become impressionable and therefore an easy target for Nick, she’s asking the Whitney Houston Estate to take legal steps to get him evicted from Whitney’s home — where Bobbi Kristina is also living.

OY! This is a very complicated matter. It’s so incredibly hard to decipher what’s what. As I said yesterday, it’s understandable that these young people (Nick is only 22, Bobbi is only 19) might become confused in their grief over Whitney’s death and who knows what will come of this relationship. I sincerely hope they are not engaged. As for the reported romantic aspects of their relationship, well, I don’t even know what to say. A few Pink readers have commented that this real life drama reads like a V.C. Andrews novel … and I can’t say that I disagree. I guess we’ll have to wait and see how this all plays out.

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  • Cedd83

    No! No! No!

  • Janaegal

    This really doesn’t surprise me. To be honest, people are worried that he’ll be the “Bobby Brown” to Bobbi Kristina, but she already seems troubled. Didn’t she have drug problems ears ago. She was very close to her mother and I’ve read that they partied together quite often. Who knows, this “relationship” could very well be something that Whitney Houston not only was aware of before her passing, but maybe okay with. She just didn’t seem like the most sound to me. Just my opinion though.

    • @Janaegal — Ugh, I fear you may be completely right.

  • Amarie

    If putting their grief into a relationship is their way of dealing with Whitney being gone, then it’s the wrong thing to do. I myself have done this and it was the biggest mistake of my life. It was a very tumultuous relationship, and our way of grieving was being together and turning to alcohol, (he was an alcoholic.) The relationship got very abusive and I started to realize that this person I was becoming wasnt me. I finally woke up one day and kicked his ass to the curb bc I could see how his bad habits were affecting me. I can see this going down that same road and I wish for Bobbi’s sake that she’d give herself the proper amount of time to grieve and in the right way.

  • Amarie

    Not to mention if things go sour between them, then they’ll not only be grieving the loss of Whitney, but the loss of their “brother” “sister” relationship. This is just a bad bad idea all together.

  • Claire

    Im sorry, but this is all just gross & wrong. & poor BK is just unfortunate-looking. :o/

    • Krissy

      I am inclined to agree, despite coming out of her mother the child was certainly hit with the ugly stick :(

  • Norma

    Poor Bobbi….shes like a ship without a rudder……floundering and headed for more trouble and heartbreak!!!!

  • AmandaMarie

    Sounds legitimately like they may be. I just hope he’s good to her and not using her for the estate she’s inherited.

  • Jessicagiovanna

    AmandaMarie, those were my thoughts as well.. I thought he feared the gravy train would come to an end so he’s grabbing on to what he can.

  • Johnny

    she does look like a girl who just lost her mother … this one is going to be a bigger mess than both her parents combined!