‘Game Of Thrones’ Covers The New Issue Of ‘Entertainment Weekly’ Magazine


We are just over 2 weeks away from the season two premiere of Game of Thrones on HBO and to get us pumped for the forthcoming new eps, Entertainment Weekly has put some of our fave GoT characters on the cover of this week’s issue. There are 4 different covers for EW this week and you can get your first look at all four below. In addition, HBO has released a new promo photo for Game of Thrones that might be a bit upsetting for some fans … especially those fans who LOVED Sean Bean’s (now deceased) character from season one. Check out all the GoT fun below.

To create the hugely anticipated second season of HBO’s Game of Thrones, the cast and crew were — in the words of dragon queen Emilia Clarke — “battling everything.” The Thrones team fought heat in Croatia, mud and rain in Belfast, and a blizzard in Iceland in their globe-trotting quest to bring the next installment of George R.R. Martin’s beloved fantasy series to life. And if warring against nature’s elements wasn’t enough, showrunners Dan Weiss and David Benioff faced the hefty narrative challenge of adapting an increasingly complex tale, introducing of a slew of new characters and figuring out how to pull off the most epic climactic battle ever attempted for television. “This is season is about a country at war,” says Benioff, who along with Weiss, successfully lobbied HBO for a 15 percent budget increase to stage the second season. “And we felt like if we didn’t see the most important battle of this entire war onscreen, we’re going to shortchange viewers.” Oh, and lest we forget, the team had to throw in a few realistic-looking dragons and direwolves too (the latter played by real wolves this time, enhanced by CGI, instead of dogs). “To my knowledge, a story of this scale has never been told within filmed entertainment,” Weiss says. “There’s so many characters and locations and storylines, so many things that are atypical in television — and for good reason. You could do this show relatively easily with twice the money that we have, then after a couple great seasons it’d collapse under its own weight and cease to exist.”

Squee!!! War Is Coming … and I cannot WAIT. I just hope that things work out better for some of our fave characters this year then they did last year for poor Sean Bean’s character:

HBO figured out a way to get Sean Bean to promote Game of Thrones season 2. I suspect many of you will have strong feelings about this poster. It’s definitely going to get people talking … This is one a series of ads illustrating the various camps in the “War of The Five Kings,” such as this one for the North. The ad will make its debut at WonderCon in Anaheim this weekend. Fans who go to the booth can get their head swapped into the image.

OMG. This is a great poster. Man, I wish I were going to WonderCon this weekend so I could get MY head swapped for Bean’s in this poster. Ah well. I love all of this … ALL OF IT. When season one ended last year it seemed like we’d have to wait a LIFETIME for GoT season two to premiere on HBO and here we are … just 2 weeks away. So exciting. Woot!!

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  • nicole

    hmmm i wonder which one will show up in my mailbox…

  • nicole

    i’ll probably get Cersi..just because life hates me so much lol

  • Tracy

    You forgot about my fav character the Great Khal Drogo…Jason Momoa. I’m not so excited about this series now with Sean and Jason gone.

    • Katie

      Yeah, you can’t get attached to any characters. JRRM is not afraid to kill off main characters!

      I can’t wait for the show to start again. I just read the second book again & watched the first season. I’m totally prepared, lol!

  • Meghan

    Love all of this! Especially the Daenerys cover! Poor Ned Stark. He will be missed this season!

  • kendra

    Wah! Poor Ned!! I was so crushed when I read that part in the book..It was just one of many moments where I’d be super emotional reading these damn books! It’s going to be so hard to see them being played out on screen.. :( Such a great show, though..I don’t even know how they began to tackle the complicated storylines of the books!