First Look: The First ‘Dark Shadows’ Trailer Leaks To The Internets


Yesterday we saw a quick sneak peek at new footage from Tim Burton’s big screen adaptation of Dark Shadows and right now we get our first look at the film’s first trailer. As you may know, Dark Shadows was once a semi-cheesy daytime soap opera back in the 60s/70s … and it would appear that Burton used the campy cheesiness of the original TV series as inspiration for this new film. I don’t think the trailer below is going to be at all what you might’ve been expecting. Click below for your first look at Dark Shadows.

Um … wow, this is some trailer. I don’t think I at all expected Dark Shadows to be turned into a comedy but … well, there you have it. I have to admit, I laughed out loud a few times while watching this trailer. I’m certain many people will hate this film, to be honest … mainly because vampire humor rarely does well with audiences. What do y’all think? Is this the Dark Shadows film you were hoping to see? Does it look like a film that you might want to check out in theaters?


  • Z

    I love cheese so I will probably see this. ;) But a good friend who LOVES the original show is really upset about the direction they went w/ the film and wants nothing to do w/ the movie now.

  • Tracy

    UGH! I wasn’t expecting a comedy, I have to say to me it looks terrible and not funny at all. I won’t be checking this movie out.

  • laura

    here’s a MUCH better quality video for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet.

  • Taeylor

    @Trent I don’t see this as a comedy. I see it as a dramedy. I mean anyone from the 17 hundreds would be atonished by todays or even 1970’s technology. It looks like a great mix of dark and light to me! :0)

    • @Taeylor — I hope it is a bit darker but, c’mon, this trailer is nothing but hilarious :D

  • kendra

    “Reveal yourself, tiny songstress!” Hahaha! I’m excited for this..I love the Johnny Depp/Tim Burton match-up every single time so I know I’m going to love this..Maybe not as much as other projects they’ve done together, but I think it looks fun!

  • Taeylor

    Chloe Mortez said in a tweet today that the original fans should know that it is very dark as well….and the first trailer is a bit misleading!!!!

  • toast

    I love it!

  • DJ

    Burton ruins everything.
    He basically has done his own version of Austin Powers, mixed in some Addams Family and sprinkled it with Love At First Bite.

    Terrible trailer. Gonna be a terrible movie. Depp should be ashamed as should anyone who goes and supports this drivel.

    • @DJ — “He basically has done his own version of Austin Powers, mixed in some Addams Family and sprinkled it with Love At First Bite.” Wow, you nailed it perfectly :/

  • Iris

    I’m more interested in watching it now…hmmm.


    Tim Burton is absolutely horrible. Johnny hasn’t been great in years.

  • Hyzenthlay

    Oh man, love love this! The tiny songstress line killed me.