Madonna Brandishes A ‘Revolver’ In Tour Rehearsals


For the past few days, Madonna has been sharing personal photos from her rehearsal sessions for her upcoming Madonna 2012 World Tour … thus far, we’ve seen photos of Madonna’s rehearsal injuries as well as a photo from specific dance rehearsals. Today we get to see another new tour rehearsal photo which features her Madgesty brandishing a weapon … specifically, a gun … more specifically, a Revolver.

My loves a Revolver…….

The caption makes it pretty clear that the song being rehearsed in this photo is her track with Lil’ Wayne Revolver. I can’t say that I’m really excited that Revolver is being rehearsed for her tour (primarily because the song sucks). Of the MASSIVE catalog of songs that Madonna could perform on this tour, I don’t understand why she would waste time on her least-loved songs. A 2 hour concert offers little time to perform everything, so why not work up a setlist of only her best songs? UGH. The photo is cool but … Madonna, please, no Revolver.


  • Vince

    i’m hoping its part of a Revolver/Gang Bang medley or mash-up

  • DigDoug

    I was also thinking that this has more to do with Gang Bang than Revolver…

  • rYan

    I am crossing my fingers it’s for Gang Bang. I had never even heard of Revolver until today’s speculation, so I went over to YouTube to check it out and I agree with Trent that it sucks. There are so many songs she could/should do before Revolver.

  • trent, trent, trent! i repsectfully disagree about revolver. i like the song and i think vince is right, it’ll be a mash up with gang bang, probably even a remix of revolver. i think as a concept it seems pretty strong.

  • Eduardo

    It’s probably for Gang Bang with a little bit of Revolver thrown in there. Makes no sense for her to perform REVOLVER and not that.

  • Josh

    I’ve been secretly hoping she would perform Revolver, I love the jam- ” I line ’em up to whatch ’em fall” (also wouldn’t mind Love Perfusion: )

  • Iheartaustin

    Oh geez I actually really liked REVOLVER lol

  • krwn

    whatever her heart desires. i’m with her. :)

  • Blasphemy, Trent!
    I love Revolver. I know it’s not well-loved, but there’s something about it I’ve always loved… great melody, great vocal.
    All that said, I find it hard to believe she’ll perform it (in full) on this tour. Maybe it’s part of a live mashup or something like that. Gang Bang makes sense cuz it’s new.

  • Fabio

    It was a bit obvious people she’s brandishing a revolver and she has a song called revolver… I think it’s an okay song and I’m sure she will make the performance amazing

  • DJ

    I don’t mind Revolver, but I don’t need to see it in concert. However, it should really be no surprise to Madonna fans that she might be rehearsing that one as we know she’s more about the new stuff over the old stuff. And since Revolver or Celebration came out after the last tour and she’s never performed them, it’s really no shock if they show up in this setlist. Though I’m hoping it’s just Gang Bang.

  • Zach Rickel

    Chances are she’s rehearsing the Guetta Mix of “Revolver” which I think would be pretty bad ass.

  • Ben

    If anyone from Madonna’s team is reading please confirm her tour date for Puerto Rico!!!!

  • Sean

    I LOVE that song! I’m thrilled that she’s performing it! :-)