Jessica Simpson Has REPORTEDLY Settled On A Name For Her Baby Girl


So, we know that heavily pregnant Jessica Simpson is having a baby girl but she is not having twins so … while we wait for the blessed moment when baby Simpson busts forth from her loins, let’s consider baby names. According to a new report out today, Jessica has allegedly decided on a name for her as-yet unborn child. A “friend” of Simpson’s maintains that Jessica and fiancée Eric Johnson have a kind of unconventional name picked out for their baby girl. Click below to find out what it is.

Choosing a baby name can be tricky, so it’s no surprise that Jessica Simpson and fiancé Eric Johnson were, until recently, at an impasse about what to call their soon-to-be born daughter. “They tossed around a lot of names, including some wacky ones like Zinfandel, but couldn’t agree on anything,” a family friend confides. Now, the pair has come to an understanding, and In Touch — which was first to break the news both of Jessica’s pregnancy and of the baby’s sex — can exclusively reveal the unusual (for a girl) moniker. “They’re going to call her Maxwell, Maxi for short,” the friend says. Maxwell is Eric’s middle name, and also his beloved grandma’s maiden name. “Jessica wanted a name with meaning.” And not only has Jessica’s been seen wearing a necklace with a diamond “M” pendant in honor of her little bundle of joy, the couple also already ordered onesies monogrammed with the name! Jessica, 31, is now set to give birth on April 20, three weeks earlier than her original due date. “She’s gained so much weight and the baby is so big that doctors pushed up the date,” reveals her friend. And while the thought of giving birth freaks her out, “Jessica and Eric are so eager to meet Maxwell!”

HMMM … I have to say … I’m not sure that I really believe this report. I was on board until the claim was made that Jessica was seriously considering naming her daughter Zinfandel. LOL! That being said, I would not be surprised if Jess does go with an M name. The fact that she’s wearing an M pendant might be the best piece of evidence that a name has been chosen. I know a lot of people are thinking Jess would go with a name like Daisy Mae or something like that but … I guess it’s possible that she’ll call her child Maxi. What do y’all think? Does it seem likely to you that Jessica would name her daughter Maxwell?

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  • Iheartaustin

    Omg I really hope not!! Maxwell is in NO WAY feminine at all and every time u say Maxi I think maxi pad! No bueno!!!

    • @iehartaustin — Well, at least Maxi Pad is pretty feminine ;)

    • dholmas

      Trent. That is to funny. Good thing I work for myself because I am still laughing.

  • @iehartaustin LMFAO!!!!!!! I was thinking the same thing with Maxi Pad. What is it with celebrities going for names that don’t exist in nature (well, Maxwell doesn’t exist for a girl really)? Try something boring for a girl like Mary or Jane or Jessica or Alison or something nice and simple like that. They are pretty and most importantly NORMAL!

    • @Joanna — “They are pretty and most importantly NORMAL!” But there is no such thing as normal. Conventional doesn’t necessarily equal “normal”. I’m not crazy about Maxwell as a name for a girl but I don’t find it abnormal.

    • Capt. Crunch Jr.

      Very true, Trent. The lines for gendered names gets more and more blurred with time. For example Mackenzie used to be a boys name (and according to my mother it would have been my name had I been born a boy) and now I see tons of girls with that name.

  • Krissy

    I think it is kind of cute (and I don’t hear the phrase “maxi pad” except for in really old commericals).

    The thing that concerns me, is if this is true that means that people close to Jessica are selling her out. That would be REALLY sad if someone ruined her big news by selling the information. I know “normal” people that like to keep the baby’s name secret, sometimes for supersticious reasons like not counting your chicks before they hatch, and I think it is so wrong to leak this info.

  • LA Lola

    Wasn’t her dog named Daisy Mae? You weren’t too off on your prediction, at least you know her proclivities for names!!

    “Max” would be a better nickname for the girl, over “Maxi” for sure. I do like how she chose a “family” name.

  • Shannon

    Its better than tampon

  • DtoTheB

    I always assumed she’d go with “Bacon Explosion”

  • Adriana

    that sht cray

  • Megan

    Maybe I’m crazy but I like Maxwell. There are plenty of Maxines that go by Max. I think it’s cute.

  • Anna

    I thought of Maxi Pad after a minute too!! My initial thought was that’s cute, but now I can’t get Maxi Pad out of my head! EEeek.

  • Anne Boleyn

    Ugh. I don’t like Maxwell for a girl.
    I also thought of Maxi Pad.

  • Courtney

    stop complaining it’s to honor her fiance who’s middle name is Maxwell and it can be used as a unisex name like Ashley brooklyn Carroll Courtney Joey & Kim among others there’s always been crazy names in hollywood why do you think old time stars didn’t use their real names for the most part. as long as Jessica and baby Maxwell are healthy the name is secondary so why fuss over something we can’t change

  • Alys

    Maxwell House Coffee commercials and maxi pads are in that baby’s future.

  • Viola

    I believe this–specifically BECAUSE of the Zinfandel bit. Jessica would totally consider naming a child Zinfandel.

  • nicole

    the only reason i dont completely buy this is because she said she wanted to go the more “traditional” route with the name.
    but i dont 100% hate it.

  • jenn

    #1. you guys are reminding me of the nic cage SNL skit about baby names.

    #2 april 20th is hitlers birthday. i hope maxwell is not born on that day.

  • Lisa

    I prefer Maxwell for a boy, but I don’t think it’s bad. Maxi, no. I ditto others- Maxi Pad.

  • megsterg

    It makes some sense with the other report with her saying shes going more traditional (because Maxwell seems like an older, traditional name) and you’ll know why the name has meaning when you hear it (the family connection). But the name is just an ugly girls name, and I can’t see Jess picking an ugly name. I think there’s a bigger chance of her naming the baby Mae/May after her beloved dog.

    And I can totally see her telling this to a friend she thinks is selling stories to tabloids to see if she can catch them. Cause really, Zinfandel?

  • Audrey

    I still maintain that she’s going to name her Erica.