Jennifer Lopez & Her Stunt Double Get To Work On Her New Music Video


Jennifer Lopez has made her way down to Mexico to film a new music video for her new single Follow the Leader and she has enlisted the aid of a strapping doppelgänger to stand in for her in dangerous stunt parts of the vid. Usually, one takes great pains to find a stand-in stunt double that bears a passing resemblance to the star … but I can’t tell if that is what J. Lo has done here. Click below to see a side-by-side comparison of Jennifer Lopez and her stunt double and tell me if you can spot the real J. Lo.

At first glance looking at Jennifer Lopez’s stunt person is like seeing double. But on closer inspection the extra happens to be a man. The 42-year-old actress was seen on the set of her music video Follow The Leader yesterday in Mexico, alongside her male stunt double. The pair struck remarkable similarities with both their physiques clad in tight black leggings and matching black zip tops. The male extra even had his long brown hair braided at the side, just like the American Idol judge. He watched intently as Jennifer hopped into the back of a pick-up truck for the music video clip. Jennifer has been filming the clip for the last couple of days, and it hasn’t been just her male stunt double that has had his eyes on the gorgeous Latina lovely. The singer’s toyboy lover Casper Smart has been with his girlfriend on the Acapulco set since she filming started over the weekend.

Um … hahahahha, this is amazing. I certainly hope for Casper Smart’s sake that he was able to determine which of these two is Jennifer and which is her male stunt double … cuz those private trailer canoodling sessions could get pretty awkward if he got the two mixed up. What do y’all think? Does J. Lo’s stunt double look enough like her to confuse you?


  • Dennis

    Is that Leona Lewis? ;)

    • Lisbeth Slander

      Either that or Ceaser from Rise of the Planet of the Apes. :)

  • ganesh

    woah – her stunt double seriously looks like a man!

  • ganesh

    oops – ok – just read the whole post! it is a man – well at least i got that right!

  • Candy

    He looks a lot more similar to her than a lot of stunt doubles you see in movies where you can OBVIOUSLY tell it isn’t the star in the scene.

  • Sarah

    Could they have at least done a better job on the stunt double’s hair?

    • @Sarah — At least they got the braid right :)

  • nicole

    he looks like he could pass as her cousin. seems like a pretty good choice for a stunt double

  • megsterg

    Their jackets aren’t even exactly the same, so I’m gunna assume this is a far away shot and that they didn’t really care about looks.


    I am SICK of Jennifer Loopez. I mean, home girl is EVERYWHERE… It’s like 2001 all over again except this time around no one gives a fack. She is the most overexposed woman in the world right now, she’s in every single commercial, and the irony of it all is that none of this is helping her flop music career. #embarrassing