The Broadway Revival Of ‘Evita’ Has Begun In Previews


Evita, the Broadway musical written by Andrew Lloyd Weber and Tim Rice that took the Great White Way by storm in the 80s and was made into a feature film starring Madonna in the late 90s, is back! A new revival of Evita opened in previews last night at the Marquis Theatre and today we get our first look at some of the photos that were snapped during the curtain call of last night’s debut preview performance. As you may know, Latin popstar Ricky Martin plays Ché in this new production of Evita and he is joined by Elena Roger in the lead role of Eva Perón and Michael Cerveris as Colonel Juan Domingo Perón. Check out photos of these three players in their new roles below.

I have to say, I am very excited to see this new production of Evita. I am a big fan of the musical and I really LOVE the film version … but, alas, I’ve never been able to see the show in a full Broadway production. Obviously I wasn’t able to see the show back in the 80s so, yeah, I’m really looking forward to seeing this new revival. I can’t say I’m the biggest Ricky Martin fan but I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. He looks great in these photos … the mustache really looks good on him. I love the songs from this play’s soundtrack so if I do get to see the show, I’ll likely be singing along under my breath. I’m really curious to read the reviews for this new version of Evita. I hope it’s a good show, I’d hate to be disappointed.

[Photo credit: INFdaily]

  • Omg, omg, omg… My favorite show! I was in it when I was 9 years old. First theatre performance I was ever in and have loved it ever since. I wish I could go to New York to see it! :(

  • Gentgiant

    Was gonna go tonight but it got cancelled due to some water issues.! Lame!

    • @Gentgiant — oh that sucks, go see Sleep No More instead :) If you do get to see Evita, you gotta let us know what you think.

  • rYan

    LOVED the film. Madonna deserved an Oscar for her role. I can’t wait to finally see this on stage. I’d love to take a trip to see this and Book of Mormon.

    • rYan

      And yes, I realize “Madonna deserved an Oscar” isn’t something you hear too often. Lol

    • @rYan — “Madonna deserved an Oscar for her role” I completely, 100% agree.

  • Ben

    Go Ricky!!!! You always make your country feel proud of you.

  • Duckie

    Is it just me or Ricky Martin looks gooood with that stache?

    • @Duckie — It’s not just you :)

  • Lydia

    Patti LuPone will always be Evita to me. And I have to disagree about Madonna. She was good, but certainly not Oscar worthy, in my opinion.

  • Brianna

    I think Ricky Martin will do well in this role. He has the look, the Latin machismo, the moves, and the voice. Always been a big fan of this musical….nice to see it making a resurgence.