Courtney Love Moves Into A Swanky New Home


Back in December we heard that trainwreck rocker Courtney Love was being evicted from her NYC home due to, well, various crazy things. Shortly thereafter, Courtney showed off her home to xoJane in an attempt to show the world that she was a good tenant … and, amazingly, C. Love managed to avoid eviction. Today we learn that Courtney has moved from her old place because, well, she found a better place to live. Click below to see photos of Courtney Love’s new home … and let’s start a poll as to when the next eviction rumors will begin.

Last month, she moved out of her West Village, New York townhouse after winning her vicious, legal battle with her former landlord. So no doubt Courtney Love is hoping for a smoother domestic situation in her new home. The singer, 47, is now living in a rented condominium in the Nolita district of Manhattan and is getting on famously with her new landlords. Love revealed she is now living in ‘the Lafayette building – everyone calls it that – near the New Museum’. When she moved in last month, the former Hole frontwoman even got U2 rocker Bono to write her a character reference. She told the New York Daily News: ‘They didn’t even credit-check. They chose Bono (from my character references). And he wrote me a paragraph.’ So far, she’s only run into one clash with neighbours, when she was playing loud music, but has vowed to keep the volume down from now on after finding out one was pregnant. She said: ‘It’s all good now. I didn’t know! I don’t do noise complaints.’ In January, Love won her legal battle against her Chicago-based landlady Donna Lyons, who had accused the singer of owing her $50,000 in rent. Judge Jean Schneider of New York County Housing cancelled the case saying Lyons had improperly relied on outdated lease provisions. Love had been renting the $27,000-a-month townhouse on West 10th Street for 11 months, but has apparently not been missing payments. Her lawyer Eric Sherman said: ‘We are pleased with the court’s decision … Given her recent tweeting, Love is very happy in her new abode. She wrote on March 10: ‘I like this pad better – and my landlord teddy and mrs teddy are so very very cool and chic and live next-door – not a nasty fatty from Chi.’

LOL! So basically, Courtney’s new landlord rented out the place to Bono, since he allegedly vouched for her. HMMM. Well, here’s hoping she can stay out of trouble in this new home and can remain eviction-free. In other trainwrecky Courtney Love news, her ex-assistant Jessica Labrie is shopping around a book about Love titled Get Me a Xanax. HMMM.

One of Courtney Love’s ex-assistant’s is shopping a new book — claiming to offer up the singer’s deepest darkest secrets … involving her derailed love life, and rampant denial of serious drug problems. The book — tentatively entitled “Get Me a Xanax” — is being shopped around to major literary agents in New York by a woman named Jessica Labrie, who worked for Love from 2010-2011. According to the proposal — obtained by TMZ — “This is an unprecedented glimpse into the daily life of the chaotic widow of Kurt Cobain, by an innocuous girl who had the extraordinary chance to witness it all.” Labrie makes many allegations in her proposal — including how Love torpedoed several romantic relationships with her obsessive behavior, and still abuses cocaine and prescription drugs like Adderall and Xanax … despite telling people she’s been “clean and sober” for years. So far, no word on whether the book’s been picked up … Courtney [has] admitted she does take Xanax — but she has a prescription.

You may recall that Courtney’s daughter Frances Bean Cobain testified in family court that her mother had a problem with Xanax while she was living with her so, yeah, this new book doesn’t sound like it’ll offer anything new. That being said, I’m pretty sure a publisher will want to release this book … and I’m quite certain that Courtney will do her best to sue the book out of existence. I’m not sure if I’d necessarily want to read a book about Courtney Love … but, the idea is intriguing. What do y’all think? Is there a market for a book like this? Would you read it?

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  • Jessicagiovanna

    How does she have money? Didn’t she burn thru the nirvana money? And you would think she snorts/smokes whatever her current income is.. I don’t get it.

    • Candy

      That was my first thought too!

  • Lady2176

    I think it is interesting that someone is dishing on Love’s private life since she loves to talk about other celebrities.

  • PixiesBassline

    It just bothers me that Xanax is always getting mentioned in relation to people who are abusing it – or seem like they are. It makes it very difficult for people with panic disorder (and other things) to get the medication AND to also not be judged for taking it. Grrr…
    But, yeah, I’d probably read the book. ;)