Watch: Jake Gyllenhaal Channels His Inner Serial Killer In A New Music Video


Jake Gyllenhaal hasn’t flexed his acting prowess since the April 2011 release of the film Source Code but today we learn that he is the featured star of a new music video. Jake plays a creepy serial killer in the music video Time to Dance by the French electroband The Shoes. I have to say, this role is quite a departure for our dear Jakey poo. He’s not the loveable kind of guy we are used to seeing. The vid runs for over 8 minutes so it’s kind of a mini-movie. Truth be told, it’s one of Jake’s more compelling acting performances. Check out the video for Time to Dance below and see what you think.

What I find most unsettling about this video is not that fact that Jake plays a serial killer (6 seasons of Dexter has totally desensitized me) but it’s how disturbed Jake looks throughout this clip. There is no redemption, no explanation for his brutality … he’s basically a serial killer who goes about his normal day-to-day business in between murders. I’m impressed that The Shoes managed to get Jake to star in their video. I’m not sure if his inclusion will make the song a hit but it can’t hurt. What do y’all think of Jake’s performance in this music video? Are you impressed? Creeped out? Offended? Turned on?


  • Lady2176

    I effing loved it! Jake was so convincing. That should be his next movie role. This video was awesome.

  • Josh

    Does anyone notice (at 7:02 exactly) what those girls’ chanting sounds like???? Just saying : )

  • rinachandayo

    Now, let’s have him that way in a movie! He’s showing great potential to play a murderous character.

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal


  • azuresque

    Yep compelling. It’s like Donnie Darko all grown up.

  • rOXy

    Chilling. Disturbing. Jake is such a fine actor that his crazy eyes are convincing and the inner struggle and turmoil are palpable. I don’t see how people enjoy viewing this sort of thing. Yeah, I know it’s not real, but just the horrifying thought of it is too much for me. This speaks to the truth of the fact that the next stranger you see or meet might be a serial killer. I would have liked this song, but it is now and will forever be attached to blood, guts, gore, trauma and violence. I won’t be listening to it again, if I hear it, I’ll turn the station. Once was enough.

  • DJ

    Over the past 24 hours, I read your post and many comments about the Japanese sketch on SNL. While I don’t share your opinion on it, I did respect it. You found it offensive and that sucks cuz probably not what they were going for. And you had very strong words for some of the commentors that disagreed with you. And again, I respected your opinions and positions.

    Yet I find it odd and very contradictory that you would post this video and give it a positive review when it is one of the most violent music videos I’ve seen in years. And it’s all shock value and has no connection to the song. It’s pointlessly violent. And I don’t believe you can properly compare it to Dexter as there is substance and story there to explain things and make you feel for the character, which there is none here.

    i know you’re head over heels in love with “Jakey-poo”, but really, this video was unnecessary and why you’re not offended by it and are in fact promoting it is beyond comprehension… other than your previous said love for the man in it. Cuz I have a feeling if he wasn’t in it, you wouldn’t like at all.

    I’m gonna have to think a little more about this, but right now at this moment, I’m kinda disappointed in this blog.

    And if you feel the need to comment on my comment, don’t say something banal like “you don’t have to read it” or “it’s my blog” and blah blah blah. Have something intelligent to say. Seriously… convince me that posting this video was okay.

  • Sofia

    Well aren’t you all high and mighty Mr./s DJ person. This is a personal/gossip blog. There is no moral responsibility to educate on violence here… let alone responsibily to satisfy you personally.

    As for the video, it’s like a trailer for a movie I would go see.

    • DJ


      So lemme see if I have this right. Trent was wrong when he posted about how Chris Brown beating up on Rihanna was wrong and how it was horrible that he was allowed to be back at the Grammys since he never apologized or admitted that he was so violent… because there is no moral responsibility to educate on violence here.

      Got it. Thanks so much for setting me straight. You’re so insightful. :-)

      I question Trent’s reasoning and decision because I am honestly curious as to why posting this is ok. If he has a good reason, i’m cool with that, even if I don’t agree with it. It’s his blog. I just wanna know what it is.

      As for you, missy, well, this is an open forum for comments and discussion. You don’t have to like it or agree with it. But what you should do is take your own sweet advice and get off your high horse… and don’t tell me, or others, what I can and cannot say.

      PS If this was a movie, i’d go see it to. But it’s not.

  • shelli

    @DJ, I agree with your entire comment..I will never watch or listen to this song again and although Jake was only acting it makes one wonder why he would be compelled to do such a disturbing video. @ Sofia, your a douchebag.. everyone is entitled to their own opinion and DJ was only stating his.