Madonna Shares A New Photo From Tour Rehearsals


Over the weekend, Madonna posted a few photos on her Facebook profile that show off some of the bruises and injuries she’s sustained thus far in rehearsals for her upcoming MDNA World Tour. Today we has updated her official Facebook profile again with a new photo from rehearsals. This time, Maddy isn’t showing off her injuries … this time she is showing off her guns. HMMM. Click below to check out the photo for yourselves.

Guess what song this is for???.. I can’t say..

HMMM … bandana masks to cover their faces, guns in everyone’s hand … which song do YOU think Madonna and her crew are rehearsing? If it’s a new song from M.D.N.A. the song could be Girl Gone Wild, it could also be Beautiful Killer … or maybe I Don’t Give A F or maybe I’m A Sinner? If it’s an older song, maybe Die Another Day or Bad Girl? I guess it’s anybody’s guess. What do you think? Which song do you think Madonna is rehearsing in this photo?


  • sean

    GANG BANG of course!:D

    • Josh

      Duh! Lol!

    • Ben

      I second Josh! : )

  • Lisbeth Slander

    Revolver. :)

  • Rodger

    I think she will do a mix of revolver and gang bang together.