Justin Bieber Shows Off His Newest Religious-Inspired Tattoo


Back in January we got our first look at Justin Bieber’s latest tattoo … his third, on his leg, of Jesus Christ. Today we learn that The Biebs has a new tattoo on his Jesus leg … and it is also religiously-inspired. Justin showed off (kinda) a new tattoo of praying hands on the same leg where he tattooed the head of Jesus Christ. HMMM. It would appear a theme is starting to emerge in Justin’s taste in body art.

It appears that Justin Bieber has quite the penchant for religious artwork. Following in the footsteps of the likes of David Beckham, the 18-year-old pop star has added to his collection of holy tattoos. The teenager has had praying hands etched on his leg, and the new design was spotted over the weekend when he went fishing in Florida with his girlfriend Selena Gomez and some family members. The black and grey tattoo sits just below an existing tattoo of Jesus on his left calf. Justin is a vocal follower of Christianity, and first proclaimed his faith in indelible ink back in January. The previous design is based on the image of Jesus called Ecce Homo dating back to 1610 by artist Rubens. Praying hand tattoos are said to be often chosen by people who firmly believe in the power of prayer and the Almighty. The Baby star is quickly collecting a vast array of tattoos for his tender age. Back in May the Canadian star and his father Jeremy got matching Jesus tattoos written Hebrew, inked on the side of their rib cages. He also has a bird tattoo on his lower torso.

Oh yes … it seems that JB is really in love with getting tattoos and will likely continue to indulge his affinity for the body art. I’m also gonna guess that he is not finished getting religious tattoos. Thus far, he has 2 Jesus tattoos, a bird (which could stand for the Holy Ghost) and now the praying hands. I wonder what kind of tattoo homeboy is planning to get next … and where.


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  • PixiesBassline

    Jesus tattoos always make me think of Leviticus 19:28.
    Because that’s like breaking 2 rules in one, if you’re a Christian. lol

  • nicole

    ugh, that tattoo is so played out..i know 4 people who have gotten it in two months.
    no disrespect or anything to the religious aspect of it, but its just something thats so overdone.

  • Freddie

    Completely and utterly unacceptable.