An Extended Family Engagement


Last night, David and I were invited over to Tamar and Rob’s home for a fun dinner party to celebrate our engagement. Tam reached out to us almost immediately after we got engaged and started planning a small dinner get together. Tam and Rob lovingly opened up their home for us and Tam, with help from her mom and Ollie, cooked one of the most amazing meals I’ve ever had. David and I have spent many a fun night at Tam and Rob’s house but last night was really extra special.

Our dear friend Eileen baked her WORLD FAMOUS cupcakes (pictured above) and Tamar’s parents gave us a beautiful orchid plant (that we will really try not to kill). Rob played host and Caleb & Darion played video games … it was just a amazingly fun night overall. I know I’ve professed my love for our friends many times before … but I simply must gush again. Families come in different sizes and configurations. David and I are lucky to have family everywhere we go. I don’t know what sort of good deeds we did in our previous lives that resulted in our having THE BEST FRIENDS in the world in this life but we are very grateful to be so blessed. It’s a very special feeling to know there are people in the world who care so much about one’s happiness and well-being. I truly hope all of you experience that kind of love in your lives. To our dear friends Tamar, Rob, Ollie, Caleb, Eileen, Darion and Mr. & Mrs. Levine — thank you all so much for your amazing friendship. David and I love you so much.

So, yeah, our Sunday was pretty amazing. My Monday looks to be pretty quiet. I need to get running before I head out and take care of some errands. It’s chilly as heck here in LA today. Tho, the sun is out so … it looks like it’s going to be a great day :)

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  • Hey Trent – I just came to your website (like i do everyday) and was met with a full screen pop-up ad that I had to click out of in order to view your site. Now I realize that this site is your business and livelihood and that ads are a necessary evil, but this kind of ad really bothers me. I’m not expecting you to remove them simply from my one comment, but I just felt the need to voice my frustration and concern over the direction this site may be going.

    • nicole

      I never get pop-ups when I go on here, maybe it’s something with your computer or browser?

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      NOP,,, NO ADS EITHER!!!! :/

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    No ads like that for me either.

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    I got the ad, but doesn’t really bother me. Takes one second to click the X.

  • rOXy

    mmmmmmmmm cupcaaaaaakes.