Ryan Gosling & Eva Mendes Are Reportedly DUNZO!


Welp, it looks like all you jokesters who have been working your voodoo curses on celebrity couple Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes have finally gotten what you wanted … today we are hearing that the couple have decided to break-up and end their half-year relationship. Just yesterday we saw a new photo of the pair lookin’ quite coupley in Bangkok, Thailand last week but according to a new report, the couple may have enjoyed their last hurrah. Apparently, Ryan was spotted canoodling with a new chick at a restaurant in South Africa this week (I guess he’s already left Thailand). HMMM. Could it be? Could Ryan and Eva really be dunzo for reals?

Given that Ryan Gosling is our favourite Hollywood man, it took us a while to accept the fact that he had gone and got himself a girlfriend in the form of Eva Mendes. But just as we were starting to embrace the fact that Eva and Ryan were in love – with the pair being inseparable over the last six months – they go and throw it in our face by reportedly having a break. We say ‘they’, but it sounds like Ryan is the one with issues, apparently telling friends he needed some space for “time to think”. The relationship was moving super fast, with Eva, 38, even flying out to be with Ryan, 31, in Thailand while he was filming Only God Forgives in February. But one of his friends (who probably isn’t really his friend) reportedly said yesterday: “Ryan and Eva are having trouble seeing eye to eye.” And how has Ryan been making the most of his ‘space’? He flew to South Africa on his own and dined with a German model, naturally. The sneaky chap was said to have been spotted at swanky beachside restaurant The Grand Cafe in Cape Town with a mystery blonde. An even sneakier chap claimed to have spotted them, telling anyone who’d listen: “He was having dinner with a blonde model who said she was from Berlin. “He tried to disguise himself with a woolly hat and scarf and seemed eager not to be noticed as they sat at a beach table, but he was clearly entranced by her.” Eva’s spokesperson has allegedly denied any rumours that the pair have hit a rough patch, but that seems odd to us considering that Ryan and Eva have never confirmed they are together.

HMMM. I don’t know how much I believe this “friend” of Gosling’s (who probably isn’t really his friend) but I’m more apt to believe the supposed eyewitness who spotted Ryan and this new chick in South Africa. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see … if Eva doesn’t show up by Ryan’s side in South Africa, I guess we can be fairly certain that something is amiss between the two. I’m not quite sure how I feel about this break-up report. On the one hand, it’s nice to think of Ryan Gosling untethered to a love affair … then again, I kinda like Ryan and Eva together (for some strange reason). What do y’all think? Are these two really dunzo? If so, are you ECSTATIC about it?


  • nicole

    wait they’ve been together for half a year already?? wtf. i swear its only been like 3 months hahaa…i clearly blanked out half of this relationship.

  • Bella Grace

    Is it wrong to be really happy about this?!?! Lol

  • ChristineLA

    I have never bought these to as a couple, for some reason. I know there are a ton of PR relationships in Hollywood, but this one always struck me as the PR-iest one of all.

    • @ChristineLA — I don’t understand the notion that these two were together for PR … they were never promoting anything.

    • ChristineLA

      I’m not saying that I remotely understand it, just that I never bought these two as an actual real couple. Something about those photos in Paris was so staged to me.

    • @ChristineLA — “Something about those photos in Paris was so staged to me.” Ah, I see your point about those photos. I dunno, I can’t tell why but … I do like their coupling.

  • annie

    It’s weird about Eva’s rep confirming the relationship. Neither party have confirmed anything until now, when rumours of trouble start.

  • Amarie

    @Bella Grace — Samezies! Lol. I don’t like them together at all. I guess bc I’ll always want Rachel and him back together. But if their relationship was more romantic than the notebook which Ryan proclaimed, then they’ll get back together sometime in the future just like in the notebook and live happily ever after! One can only hope haha.

  • Thatgirl

    For some reason this headline brought a smile to my face from ear to ear..**Don’t know why though**

  • rinachandayo

    I was definitely ecstatic to hear this!! These two don’t really..fit well.

  • rOXy

    I never really got the feeling that they were in a full-blown relationship. Just seemed like a long-term fling to me. Maybe they are better as just friends. I like both Evan and Ryan, but I just don’t sense romantic chemistry between them.

  • katrina

    Honey in movieland…who knows whos doing who…?? and if that who is taking it up somewhere, because who is really only seeing who with some contract….hmmm…?? stiletto to the metal honey? we will never know helllerrr??

  • cutitout

    I don’t like her nose, she has “coke nose”
    Bad pairing anyways. She was too old for him. These over the hill gals need to understand that cougars don’t nest with their prey they hit it and quit it.

    By the time he’s ready to settle down and spawn her stuff will be all dried up.Its time for her to find an older (40-45)wealthy business man and wheel it in. Her career is not poppin’ and she needs to snag some security before she falls from the b to the d list and ends up back in rehab or worse.

    As far as the “other woman” goes why no pics? everyone has a camera phone, if i don’t see pics, it never happened. I also don’t trust euro/english tabloid tales, “sneaky chap” really???

    • ChristineLA

      *OUCH* She is exactly 8 months older than me.

    • cutitout

      @ChristineLA Being “over the hill” is nothing to be ashamed of, you are just too old to date Ryan Gosling, thats all. But its totally OK for you to bang him a couple of time as long as you don’t catch feelings.

  • banana

    this is the best headline that i’ve ever ever ever ever ever ever ever seen in my all years of reading Pink!!!!! thank you!!!! i’m feeling so fucking happy that i could just fly out of the window and pretend to be superman!!!!!!!!!!!

  • krtmom

    Maybe he finally realized she looks like a man!

  • Tracy

    I have to agree I never liked these two together. I was more surprised about them starting a fling then to hear they have now ended it. They just seemed like 2 people you would never put together.

    Best wishes to them both.

  • Kristín

    ahhh i was so happy when i read this, god i´m so aweful but i never liked those two together. This means it´s still hope for him and Rachel to get back together!!!

  • annie

    Apparently US magazine and some other gossip bloggers are insisting they are still together. What the heck is going on? I got all excited for nothing?!

  • Thatgirl

    Damn! Damn! Damn! Damn! I was reading that also @Annie

  • maymay

    considering he’s onset daily in Thailand, on a film that has a super-tight budget…. not to mention daily photos of them together. where would he find the time? i believe this as much as i believe Nicole Kidman has never had any work done.

  • Nadine

    I like Ryan Gosling and I do like Eva Mendes. I did not like them together. So news of this break-up has me kinda happy. I am still hoping he’ll get back together with Rachel McAdams and live happily ever after…le sigh…

  • Meagan

    Not sad. At all.

  • annie

    That photo of them from lainey was taken several weeks ago, so it’s not even recent. Something is being covered up. Not sure what.

  • Kim

    I liked them together. FYI, he dated Sandra Bullock who is older, when he was much younger (waay before he worked up to a 6-pak) …he’s always been a skinny geek. Only recently hit leading man, hunk level by working his as* off w/trainers. Eva has always been a sex symbol to real men, and was w/one main partner, a Peruvian guy. HE seems like the lucky one to have dated Eva. If he really broke up with her by suddenly cheating with a Berlin blond, he sucks.