Britney Spears Has REPORTEDLY Rejected ‘The X Factor’s $10 Million Dollar Offer


Earlier this week we learned the exciting news that our dear Britney Spears was nearing a deal that would bring her on board to judge the upcoming second season of The X Factor here in the US for a reported $10 million dollars. BUT, a new report out this weekend claims that Britney has rejected the $10 million offer because she wants $20 million instead. So as it stands, if this report is to be believed, there is NO DEAL in place right now for Britney to join The X Factor … unless Team Britney and Team X Factor can meet somewhere in the middle of 20 & 10 million. HMMM. I wonder who will blink first and cave to make this deal happen.

Britney Spears has rejected a $10 million offer to host the next season of “The X Factor,” TheWrap has learned. So the question is: How much is Fox going to have to pony up? Try $20 million. Reports this week that the pop star was considering a $10 million offer to host next fall’s seasons of “The X Factor” are out of date, according to a knowledgeable individual in Spears’ camp. The singer rejected that offer three weeks ago and is instead thinking about an offer to become a resident performer at a Las Vegas hotel in the fall, a la Celine Dion. So here comes a game of chicken. Fox desperately needs a big name to announce on the judge’s panel of Simon Cowell’s show, now that NBC’s hit show “The Voice” will be competing with them in the fall. Spears’ camp wants $20 million. It’s becoming an arms race for singing talent being paid to sit behind tables and… talk. NBC has put its money where its mouth is, paying Christina Aguilera upward of $10 million to come back and judge the new season of “The Voice.” They’ve given handsome paychecks, if not as much, to the other judges as well. That pales in comparison to what Fox has shelled out for the “X Factor” judges. Paula Abdul was paid $2.5 million for the last season, according to another knowledgeable insider, and she was announced at the 11th hour. She was also fired, as were judge Nicole Scherzinger and host Steve Jones. “X Factor” is already recording its audition phase, but won’t need the judges until the end of May. What the network wants is a big piece of news to present to advertisers at their upfront sales presentations on May 14. Neither Fox, Spears’ or Cowell’s camps would comment.

I’m hearing that Britney’s people are actually going for $16 million (which is more than Jennifer Lopez got paid for judging American Idol last season and more than Christina Aguilera is getting for judging The Voice this season) and is hoping the folks at The X Factor will meet them in the middle. The only thing that bothers me about this report is that it claims Britney is going for the “hosting” gig … she is not, she is going for a judging gig. If they can’t get that part right, how can we believe the rest of the report? But absent that mistake, this report does kind of ring true. I sincerely doubt Britney is considering a Las Vegas residency … it sounds to me like that is floating around to help in the negotiations. My guess is that Britney and The X Factor will agree on a price in the $16 million dollar range. A deal like that would be win/win for both parties. I’m really holding out for this deal to get done … I really want Britney judging The X Factor next season. MAKE IT HAPPEN, PEOPLE!


  • Be a little inappropriate

    I’m not rolling out of bed and saying cool very cool for 10 million…. lmfaooooo I love this bitch

  • Jess

    I thought I read somewhere that JLo was going to be making $20 million next season as well?

  • JeniLee

    I’m sorry, I love Britney but $10 million isnt good enough to sit on her butt for 3 hours a week and essentially watch a concert, plus spend a few hours a week coaching contestants?? This is beyond greedy. JLO did the same thing. Get real people.

    • @JeniLee — LOL. It’s not about being greedy, it’s business. We have no idea the kind of money generated by these huge TV shows. Those of us who work “real jobs” have no concept of the kinds of salaries that celebrities pull in for these kinds of shows. I don’t know what you do for work but I’ll bet you wouldn’t do your job for minimum wage, about $8 dollars an hour. There are people in the world that barely make $8 a week. It’s all relative. It’s silly to say, OMG SO GREEDY when things of this scale are completely out of line with the normal jobs that many of us work.

    • JeniLee

      @ Trent – I’m a special ed PreK teacher. Every day I get kicked, bit, scratched, hit, spit on, you name it. And when you factor in the amount of work I bring home, after taxes I probably do make minimum wage. Yes its a business and the show brings in a lot of money but it doesnt change the fact that 20 million to basically sit on her butt is ludicrous.

    • @JeniLee — Unfortunately, you’ve missed my point entirely.

    • Claire

      Trent, I see your point, but I have to agree entirely with JeniLee. It’s sort of narrow-minded thinking to look at millions of dollars vs the average salary in relative terms. Celebrities already make a ridiculous amount of money to do what they do, and to demand more than what is already very reasonable is just an overinflated ego.

      As someone who would love to see some credible musicians on the show, as opposed to pop stars with overproduced music, I’m hoping she denies the offer. I could see her as a judge for a dancing competition, but not this. I felt that was the problem with Nicole and will likely be the same here. I suppose it’s all about ratings.

  • Kate

    I love both Britney and Jennifer but I agree with JeniLee! This is absolutely ridiculous that 10 million dollars isn’t enough to do basically nothing, so they want 20 million instead! They aren’t even doing anything besides sitting there and sharing their opinion. I always thought the amount of money actors got for a movie was crazy, but at least they are doing something.

    • jen

      How is she being greedy? I agree with Trent, it’s all about business. The X-Factor/Fox/Simon Cowell will profit from hiring Britney. The amount of money a show brings in is in proportion to its ratings. If Britney helps brings up the ratings and/or helps increase the X-Factor’s visibility (which she probably will), why shouldn’t she get a bigger piece of the pie???

  • al

    is it even 100% confirmed that britney is in the forefront of being a judge, it just all seems like a bunch of rumors that have gone ablaze, has her camp or herself said anything about doing xfactor aside from a “sources say” cite?

    • @al — Nope, neither side is officially confirming but these negotiations are going on, whether you believe it or not. These leaks about salary and other offers (ie. the Vegas residency) are all part of the negotiating process. Simon did confirm a few weeks ago that he was considering Britney for the show, so that’s about as official as the confirmations have been thus far.

  • Janaegal

    @JeniLee- thanks for what you do. My boyfriend is a teacher for troubled youths so I know how much effort you make for not a very large salary. But I think what Trent is trying to explain is you make your salary based on a school budget. A show like the X factor makes MILLIONS of dollars so Britney’s salary demands are based on that. She is asking for what they will be making off of her. It does seem a bit unfair, but that’s the way of the world. She worked her ass off to get famous, that was her goal, and $20 mill salary for a couple of hours a week is her payoff and frankly her right. I wish teachers/police/etc got paid as much, but it’s not reasonable.

    • @Janaegal — Thanks, you totally got what I was saying :)

  • Iheartaustin

    Um I have a random thing… I thinking would be awesome of Brit did a Vegas residency!!! Omg!!!

  • bill

    Okay, britney spears is worth paying 20 mil for. Do you realize how much this would raise viewership and ratings!? She can break records without promotion, she will bring amazing ratings which is what they want.

  • sals

    haha…besides the whole money/salary issue…what kinda advice would britney give anyway? how to use auto tune and sound all nasal?? bleh…get a real singer on there! no offense. LOL

  • Jose

    If only she could sing…

  • shark317

    I actually would prefer Britney do a Vegas residency than for her to be an X Factor judge. She is a showgirl and Vegas is the place for that. Judging a television requires that one have vivacity and be engaging. I’ve found Britney to be rather flat in interviews and things. She is much more interesting on stage.

  • Kevin

    Ratings would go through the roof. I’ve never watched a single episode of this show. But I tell you what – if Britney Spears were a judge, I wouldn’t miss a single episode!!!

    • Beckah

      THAT’S WHAT I’M SAYING! Trent, do you know of an online petitions of support or is there any way we can put one together to tell FOX that WE WANT BRITNEY?!

  • nicole

    ratings may soar for xfactor…but this is back fire for her. shes been horrible in front of cameras the past couple years, sometimes its been so bad that its just uncomfortable to watch.
    unless she does some serious work with that to get comfortable and engaging i just dont see this working.

    • shark317

      Exactly Nicole, I feel like this would end up just like that VMA incident. Once again a network would use Britney for a ratings hike and she ends up a national joke. If Britney was more engaging off stage I’d be more for it. I’m still not comfortable with Britney Spears, Queen of Lip-Sync Tours, judging and mentoring people on a singing competition. Then again, X Factor is more about finding the next pop star–which she is.

  • jj

    lol britney is not the one asking 20 million its her team! trust me!