Nicki Minaj Releases The Album Artwork For The Deluxe Version Of ‘Roman Reloaded’


Last week we got our first look at the album art for Nicki Minaj’s sophomore album Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded (due out next month) and today we get to check out the album cover art for the deluxe version of the album. Nicki shared the photo on her official Twitter profile yesterday and like the art for the standard version of the album, it’s a bit of a mess. But it’s messy on purpose, so that’s ok … right?

Nicki shared this photo without comment … nothing … nada. I mean, I guess … what is there to say about it. I don’t love it. I didn’t love the art for the standard version of Roman Reloaded either. The paints just don’t do it for me … and I HATE the graphical way the album title is presented. Honestly, a better cover photo could be made by anyone else with even a passing understanding of Photoshop. Ugh. I’m so not impressed. I just hope the music on the album is better than this messy cover looks. What do y’all think? Do you like this?


  • nicole

    It looks cheap. and the girl looks white (atleast she does on my phone)

  • rOXy

    Nicki is likeable and cute. Why is she trying so hard to be Gaga?


    She’s trying hard to be Lil’ Kim and Lady GaGa. She’s totally throwing away her career… She had HUGE momentum with this album and it’s all gone. First, the Grammys and everything afterward… It’ll all backfire.

  • Claire

    Tacky. This could just as easily be something Katy Perry, Gaga, or Kesha would do. Just so tired of the whole cartoon-weird vibe all the pop stars are going for. This is NOT originality.

  • Mark

    These albums covers were made by fans, Nicki selected these. Couldof done better, ugh.