Lindsay Lohan Is A Red-Head Again


Hallelujah! Lindsay Lohan has seen the light … by going back to the dark. After far too many months as a messy blonde, L. Lo has finally come to her senses and has dyed her hair back to her more natural-looking red color. Not only does the red color look MUCH better on Lindsay but it also signals that she may be serious about her comeback. Lindsay has never found success as a blonde … maybe going back to her natural color will help normalize her enough to find some semblance of career success again.

She just appeared on Saturday Night Live and despite being panned by critics gained the number one slot in ratings last weekend. And it appears that Lindsay Lohan has taken yet another step in her effort to win back her career by dying her hair back to her natural colour. The 25-year-old actress, who has been sporting platinum blonde tresses for the last few months, stepped out today with ravishing red hair. The hue is almost identical to her natural hair colour and the shade she became famous for and seen with, in classics such as Mean Girls and The Parent Trap.
Lindsay blunt fringe had also been blow out to the sides and lengthened with the aid of hair extensions. To accentuate her signature hue today, Lindsay wore a bright red leather jacket paired with boot-leg cut jeans and an olive green top. She boosted her height with some brown leather platforms and carried a pink wallet and some cigarettes. The return of her natural colour comes as Lindsay continues on her mission to try and win back her flailing career after a string of arrests and legal woes. Her professional life has taken a battering due to her constant legal problems which have spanned over several years. The actress is currently close to settling her most recent scandal in a matter of weeks. She is set to finish her community service assignment, which she was handed after pleading guilty in May last year to stealing a necklace from jewelry store in Venice, California. She also served five weeks of home confinement last summer for misdemeanor theft and violation of another probation. She has predicted she will finish her community service at Los Angeles County morgue and her counseling requirements well ahead of her March 29 deadline.

Thank Jebus, she looks back to normal. Now, I’m not saying that Lindsay’s life will miraculously turn around just because she dyed her hair back to red but … well, it can’t hurt. I’m guessing that L. Lo was MOR-TI-FIED that 66-year old Blondie frontwoman Debbie Harry was mistaken for her 25-year old self and decided to ditch the blonde and go back to red. I approve. She’s still a mess, I’m sure, but at least she looks like less of a mess. She looks great in these photos, don’t she?

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  • Jacqui

    Million times better.

    • brittany

      Thats exactly what I said to myself. ‘Bout freakin time!

  • alicia

    omg thank goodness i think red heads should be proud of there locks. i ALWAYS wanted red hair, and even doctor who wants to be ginger!

    • Jackie

      Me too! And yes he does. Maybe the next one will be! :)

  • Katie

    That looks much better. The blonde just does not work. It seems like everytime she dyes her hair a nice color she goes back to that horrible blonde w/in a few days.

  • Iheartaustin

    She looks so much better!! Omg hopefully this is a sign!!

  • Sara

    I can’t get over what she has been doing to her face with fillers and such. She was SO naturally beautiful. I do like her hair better this way.

    • ChristineLA

      Her face is a complete and total mess. She really does look the same age as her mother now, which is just wrong.

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    She does look better but what gives with her face? She must be having work done…It looks weird!

  • nicole

    Looks soooo much better, but i think she needs to go a shade or two darker with a little less orange/copper undertone

  • Susan

    LOVE her with red hair. I hope she keeps it this way for a while.

  • Jstar

    I don’t think the red hair will make her a better actress…

  • Joanna

    I actually associate her red hair with some of the best points in her life (The Parent Trap, Mean Girls for example). She also looks more her age with read hair and not a middle aged Real Housewife. Let’s hope this is the start of a new an improved chapter in her life. Hey, if people such as Britney can come back from a point of seemingly no return, then Lindsay can too.

    • CHASE

      I respectfully disagree. Britney was a HUGE star before she became a trainwreck and was already established with 50+ million albums sold. People were rooting for Britney because they genuinely cared for her and because she was far more interesting than Lindsay ever was and will be. Lindsay only had Freaky Friday, Mean Girls, and Herbie. The rest of her films flopped hard and she was barely established. Lindsay doesn’t want help; she wants press. Lindsay has been promoting her “comeback” for 5 years now and she was lied countless times. She’s done.

    • ChristineLA

      My gut is inclined to agree with you, but Robert Downey, Jr. taught me that no one is EVER done in Hollywood, unless they have murdered someone. Granted, RDJ is oozing talent from his pores, but Hollywood does love a good comeback story.

  • Shannon

    While I love that she’s a red head again, I do NOT think she looks normal at all. She messed with her pretty face way to much!

  • Shannon

    Love the hair. Almost. It used to be so full! Throw a weave in there girl!! Oh and also stop fucking with your face. Yikes.

  • jenn

    finally! i was praying for this.

  • Joanna

    It’s still too light. Two more shades darker will be ace. Baby steps,I guess! Soooo much better without the fry job tumbleweed hair!

  • Erika


  • Nathan

    OMG! You have no idea how much I wanted her to do this!!!!!!!

  • LStu

    Thank goodness. The only thing that could make her look better, is if she wasn’t holding those freakin’ cancer sticks.

  • rOXy

    It’s still blonde. Strawberry blonde. I prefer her in rich auburn. Her face looks puffy, which is a sign of being toxic or having junk injected. Those side by side pictures of her and her mom must have scared the crap out of her.

  • dq

    i don’t know why i am so excited for this =P

  • megsterg

    Why is she wearing a onesie?

    • ChristineLA

      LOL! Some actors just make it too damn easy.

  • finally!!!

  • Heather


  • monica

    Lindsay is getting panned for SNL but even in her glory days she sucked on the show. She can’t do the sketch comedy without reading cue cards. Watch the Harry Potter skit she did back in the day and you will see nothing has changed. Lindsay is done. I have a hard time believing she can turn it around at this point. When she came out we all loved her because she was fresh faced and beautiful. Her beauty is quickly fading due to her hard partying life style and she has definitely lost her glow. So sad because I feel like her acting skills never were up to par with her looks and the hype she was given.

  • tara

    wtf is wrong with her face?? she looks all beat up! imo it doesnt matter what hair color she rocks she looks old as hell!!