‘Glee’ Is Planning A Whitney Houston Tribute Episode


Last month we got to see video of Glee’s inadvertent tribute to the late Whitney Houston when their Valentine’s Day episode featured a cover of I Will Always Love You just days after her untimely and tragic death. Today we learn that Glee is going one step further and is devoting an entire episode of the show to Whitney’s memory by performing songs from her amazing catalog.

Glee is currently shooting a tribute episode to Whitney Houston that will include eight songs from the late great musical icon, sources confirm to us exclusively. Unlike the previous tribute last month (Amber Riley performed “I Will Always Love You” and producers added in a dedication card), this Whitney episode was planned after Houston’s death, and according to a reliable show source, will “not be a typical tribute”. “It’s using Whitney’s music as a way to say goodbye,” the source reveals. “A way to respectfully say thank you for her music.” I’m told that unlike the show’s Madonna and Michael Jackson episodes, the Whitney tribute is more of a “character piece” that focuses on Glee’s graduating seniors having a real hard time letting go. Earlier today, Lea Michele herself tweeted: “Starting a new episode today. A very special tribute to one of the worlds most amazing singers. Very excited about this one.” As are we! In fact, this Whitney episode has all the makings of one of the series’ most emotionally gripping to date. So count us in. (With a ginormous crate of Kleenex on stand by, just in case!)

No date for this special Whitney episode has been revealed but I’m certain we’ll be finding out soon. In no time the first preview clips for the ep will be out and, well, we can join Glee in saying goodbye to one of the most important artists of our time. I am wholeheartedly, fully on board with this decision to pay tribute to Whitney Houston. I can’t wait to see and hear more. What do y’all think of this planned Glee tribute to Whitney? Are you on board?


  • Barone

    It would of been nice to do it while she was still alive.same with American Idol

    • @Barone — Isn’t that a bit unfair? AI had featured Whitney songs for years, even Glee did a tribute to Whitney before she died. No one expected her to die, it was accidental and unexpected.

  • nicole

    I hate after death tributes. If you couldnt bother to do it while they were alive, then dont try to profit once they’re dead.

    • @nicole — Again, these shows have been doing Whitney songs for a while now. I think it’s appropriate and fitting that they continue to pay homage.

    • Barone

      I agree

    • Barone

      but thats how society is.the media knocks them down where there alive and praise them when there dead.

  • Sandy

    They really need to stop the tribute episodes. They make me cringe. I can’t seem to let go of Lea Michele ruining “…Baby One More Time”

  • kerirulz

    As someone who was never too big of a fan of Whitney Houston, I can honestly say this is a fantastic idea. Whether you like the show or not, Glee exposes music to a whole new generation of listeners. This is also great way for the show to not only honor Whitney and the impact she left on the music industry, but also as a way to thank her. Every single female singer strives to be like Whitney —to have a career and voice like her. So why shouldn’t the show pay tribute to her? So she died…so what? Are you telling me that Glee shouldn’t have done a Michael Jackson tribute because he’s dead? Never mind the fact the influence MJ continues to have? The same can be said for Whitney. While yes, her style was quite different from Michael’s, but that doesn’t make her career any less significant to the music industry.

    One thing I absolutely loved about the MJ tribute was the fact that a whole new generation of people were listening to his music for the first time. I saw on tumblr these young kids listening to “I Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin'” or “Human Nature” for the very first time and LOVING what they were hearing. I only hope the same can be said for Whitney. Her legacy will be around for a long time and I think it’s only appropriate for popular shows such as Glee or American Idol or whatever to pay tribute to her.

    I think this episode is going to be incredibly emotional given the context her songs will be used. I’m very much looking forward to it.

    • Lynne

      Very well said! :)

    • ChristineLA

      Very well said, and I completely agree with you! The best thing about shows like Glee is that kids are being exposed to a wide variety of music.

  • Chris

    I dislike tribute episodes & this feels like a greedy cash-in on Whitney Houston’s death. Plus, Amber Riley already knocked it out of the park with “I Will Always Love You”!

  • rOXy

    Amber is the only one with the pipes to do Whitney. While Lea has a beautiful voice and has improved greatly over the course of the show, it’s better for her to stick to Babs. They need to do a Streisand tribute before Rachel graduates.