Beyoncé Spotted Hanging Out With Blue Ivy At Prospect Park In Brooklyn NY


We have been seeing quite a bit of Beyoncé hanging out with her baby, Blue Ivy, bonding just the two of them. Two weeks ago we saw the beautiful mom and daughter stepping out in NYC. Yesterday Beyoncé was photographed with her daughter Blue Ivy getting into a car in Prospect Park, Brooklyn, in New York. The new mommy was hanging out in the park enjoying the gorgeous early spring weather (yes, it was 63 degrees in NYC in March) and was snapped with lil’ Blue. As you can see in the pics Blue Ivy is still all shrouded up hidden away from the cameras. We’ve seen her covered in black out to lunch, and leopard print as she strolled around Manhattan, but yesterday she was wrapped in a white blanket, so it looks like Bey may have been unprepared for the onslaught of the cameras in Brooklyn.

Beyoncé looks gorgeous with her hair all tied back, her signature massive hoop earrings and a casual leather jacket and t-shirt. She really is the epitome of cool mom. She and Blue Ivy have been hanging out a lot but it is great to see them getting out and about as well. Prospect Park was a great option for them to enjoy some nature and outdoor space and Central Park would have caused way too much of a scene. Can you imagine the tourists going crazy?!

We can see that Bey and her hubby, Jay-Z, are deliberately avoiding public attention with their baby girl and are very keen for her not to be photographed by paparazzi. Every time we’ve seen them in public, it has been with Blue Ivy hidden away from the cameras. Aside from the first pics that they released themselves just a few weeks after she was born, there haven’t been any photos of Blue. I think it is great that they are sticking to their guns and maintaining her privacy, I just can’t wait until we can see what she looks like now – I’m sure she’s grown a lot the last few weeks. I wonder when they will decide to start showing her face? Hopefully she won’t be a teenager :)


  • blaqfury

    Maybe in the summertime when it’ll be too hot to wrap her in blankets… but who know with these two… it’ll probably be when she’s about to enter kindergarten …lol

  • Capt. Crunch Jr.

    Now that she’s born we need a new conspiracy.
    That’s not Blue Ivy! Beyonce is tricking us by carrying around a bunch of blankets!

    • @Capt. Crunch Jr. — “That’s not Blue Ivy! Beyonce is tricking us by carrying around a bunch of blankets!” OMG. LOL!!!!!

  • Ben